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GBKSOFT Participated in 2019 Stevie Awards


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Stevie Awards 2019 to pick this year’s winners for marketing and creative categories. It is a great honor for GBKSOFT to represent our country and be distinguished as a leading software development provider in Europe, successful and innovative enough to choose the best companies exhibiting great marketing achievements. 

We’ve made it to the judging committee for 2 years handed the awards to the companies with outstanding progress in marketing, promotion, PR and sales. 

Members of our team attended the gala where more than 400 companies from from 30+ countries were represented. GBKSOFT took this chance to truly acknowledge what we’ve achieved for the last 8 years of hard work and rapid progress. We still have an even longer way to go because innovation never ends. It is always encouraging to get credit for job well done and be noticed by others. Praise and compliment from the Europe’s leading companies suggest that we should never stop getting better at what we do. Peace!   

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