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A Bug In WatchOS 7 And iOS 14. Apple Made a Guide How To Fix It

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No sooner had Apple users updated the operating system on their devices than real problems in iOS 14, and WatchOS 7 were immediately discovered. Therefore, the company immediately started actively fixing bugs, and now you can test it all yourself.

Apple Support has posted an article on what issues have been identified and fixed. Among them: missing or partially displayed data in health apps on iOS and WatchOS, a problem with showing data from the Fitness or Health apps, data from the Activity app was not transmitted accurately, increased battery consumption on the iPhone or Apple Watch, missing or damaged cards in the Fitness app on iPhone. To fix such problems, restarting the phone is indispensable. You will have to perform some rather complicated manipulations to start using your Apple devices, typically finally.

It is worth noting that you will have to reset your devices to factory settings in the process, resulting in data loss. Be prepared for this and do not forget to make a backup.

In the guide on eliminating the issues mentioned above, Apple says that you need to disconnect the phone and watch. Then you need to create a backup in iCloud with all your data, including health.

According to Apple, following these steps should “prevent future data loss.” You can find more details on each step in the support article.

It seems that Apple neglected software testing for the first time and hastened to surprise its fans with a new iOS. Before the presentation, there were rumors that iOS 14 would be presented along with the iPhone 12 and that this would probably be the right decision.

As a company that has been developing products for ten years, we always recommend our customers undergo automatic and manual software testing. Sometimes there is a temptation to save money and skip manual testing, but this can negatively affect the user experience in the future, which means you can lose part of the audience, and, as a result, profit. Remember, product quality is not something worth saving on.


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