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A New Messenger API With Support For Instagram

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A few weeks ago, we wrote about updates to Instagram and Messenger, which were focused on the interaction between applications and added other features. Now the Messenger API has also received an update, and now companies can manage their messages through Instagram and Messenger.

Before the API update, companies that run Instagram business pages responded to customers’ requests directly in the app or used Facebook business inbox. Such actions mainly created a problem and slowed down orders from large companies, which have hundreds of requests.

Сompanies can integrate Instagram messaging into the digital solutions they already use to manage their Facebook conversations. It is worth noting that thanks to the API, they will also be able to exchange multimedia files, images, and so on. You don’t need any special permission to integrate. Your development team can independently connect the API to digital products, products, and customer databases to provide the same experience on Instagram as Messenger today.

For example, a company with CRM system integration will view customer loyalty information and take it into account when responding.

Facebook says the API will let you manage your Instagram profile, including editing in-store products or even adding stories. This update is likely because Instagram is promoting shopping as the main activity on the social network. We made this conclusion based on the fact that the option to create a store on Instagram was previously launched. Visual changes were also made to highlight the shopping functions in the application.

Daily conversations between people and businesses on Messenger and Instagram combined have grown more than 40% over the past year.

According to Facebook

The launch of the Facebook API helps businesses automate processes and even offer to connect customers to live support. This approach allows you to immediately answer common questions from customers, transforming into a positive customer experience. After testing this feature, it turned out that customer brands improved their Instagram response rate by 55%. The result is impressive.

Today the Messenger API is tested by global brands, and so far, the number of developers who can integrate is limited. But you can apply and be on the waiting list to request API access after testing.

The API is still in the process of being finalized. After testing, the company promises to release several updates to communicate with customers as compactly as possible and help businesses further develop online.

This year, the pandemic has forced most businesses to rely on digitalizing their businesses and maximizing their online presence. Recent research shows that many companies are still considering going online, but they are still undecided about doing it. As a company with many years of experience, we offer you an integrated approach to resolving your issues. We offer completely free of charge to conduct marketing research of the market in which you work to understand which solution would help boost your business. Suppose you are already using some digital solutions and want to optimize your software and integrate the Messenger API. In that case, our highly qualified team is always ready to help you.


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