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A New Music-and-Spoken Word Format Of Spotify

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An update to Spotify enables its users to add audio commentary to music tracks. The new format of the application will create the feeling as if you are listening to the radio. As before, a DJ or a music journalist will introduce the song, comment on its lyrics, or express his opinion about it. Anyone can test this format to create a podcast, as there is integration with the top podcasting application, Anchor.

Artists will still receive a commission for listening to their compositions, regardless of the mode in which their composition is listened to.

But what exactly the user will be able to do in the Spotify application, in other words, what services will be available to him in the application will depend on the tariff plan chosen by the user.

As before, users will be able to interact with the music content in the show, in the same way as with the playlist, that is, like the songs, save tracks or view additional information about the track.

Spotify podcasts option

Image Credits: Spotify


The update, which became available to users yesterday, remotely resembles Pandora’s Stories, where performers of music and songs can tell a story about their music, for example, talk about the meaning of a song or what inspired them to create a particular composition. But Spotify has that opportunity for everyone, not just copyright holders.

After Spotify updates, any user from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand can create an audio show in the Anchor app.

Users will also be able to take songs from their saved playlists to create shows.

This is an essential update as streaming rights restrictions previously prevented podcast creators from easily integrating licensed music into their programs.


Image Credits: Spotify

Also, those listeners who will create their shows will be able to insert advertisements to monitor their accounts in this way.

Spotify now has its own set of seven original Spotify shows, which are launching a new format and can be found in the new Show with Music hub.

This podcast is focused on encouraging users to create more audio stories, which can help the company generate podcast audiences and increase revenue.

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