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Leo Case Study Arrives!

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Meet a new case study in our portfolio that highlights insight into the project Leo. It’s up and waits for your attention.

Leo is a highly functional construction management system. The future software was designed to solve the following tasks:

  • To reduce the workload on employees.
  • To automate the estimation process.
  • To measure actual labor and materials. 
  • To make scheduling and quality assurance easier. 

In the development input, we have implemented users’ ability to create, assign, and manage various Job Projects. Since many constructions and pieces produced by our client are customs, we add the user’s ability to choose the section of necessary shape from the list, specify its type, heights and depth, color, and even an area where that section will belong. Besides, Leo’s clients can edit drawings directly in the system, modify ordered parts of the product, and many other useful features described in detail in the case study. The finished construction management system fully met the expectations of our client, and as he said, “It took six months for GBKSOFT to solve the problem we have been dealing with for ten years!”

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