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GBKSOFT took place in Top 15 Healthcare App Development Companies

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We are glad to publicize that GBKSOFT took an honorable place in the top 15 healthcare app development companies by MobileAppDaily. Healthcare apps gain huge popularity in modern society. All active users look for the latest and high-end applications that can help them to care and save their health, especially if these solutions can be connected with wearables.  GBKSOFT is recognized as a leader in this sphere by a reputable platform MobileAppDaily.

On our account, there are several bright cases in healthcare development. One of them is a live-streaming fitness app “Anywhere fitness” – your personal trainer that creates an individual training and diet program for you. Also, it integrates with your wearable devices to control a heart rate, count the steps you`ve taken and calories you`ve burnt during the workout.

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This award is a great value to our company. It gives us confidence that we are on the right way for creating new developments and involve our developers in continuing to produce high-quality solutions.

Sincerely, GBKSOFT


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