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How Using Software Can Reduce Human Errors

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No matter what business you are in, everything depends on people. Though technologies have moved forward many things still partly or entirely dependent on people. Not all the tasks can be completed by machines. Humans still possess the qualities that computers lack, but at the same time, people tend to make mistakes. Just because they can.

The success of any company is determined by the level of customer experience. Always remember, you have only one chance to make a first impression on your clients. But what if your employee forgot to make urgent shipment or deleted an important document by mistake? The first impression about your service will be spoiled.

If  human errors are impossible to avoid, you can at least minimize them.

how to reduce human errors

Types of human mistakes:

We all make mistakes, it’s true. We all different, and the same is true about our mistakes.

Misunderstanding can be solved by introducing the comprehensible policies, standardization and company rules applicable to every employee.

Forgetfulness is usually caused by a large scope of work and poor management, hereby can be solved by implementing corporate task-management tools.

Lack of experience can be solved by enhancing the human resources management or implementing corporate training systems.

Unexpected mistakes might happen in random cases that never happened before. Those should be noted somehow, so you would be prepared next time they occur.  

reduce human mistakes

7 Ways to reduce human errors:

Implement client management software

When your client manager forgets to follow-up the client and does it, again and again, it might be not his fault. It’s impossible to remember everything, especially when the client list is long. For this reason, companies use CRM systems (client relationship management) so their employees never forget about customers. Attracting new leads is not cheap and businesses can’t afford to lose a potential client because of manager’s mistake.  

Use task management tools

“If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.” – Napoleon Bonaparte.

Today we have so many things to do, that delegating is impossible to avoid. When using task management tools you can assign tasks, explain what exactly is needed to be done and control their execution. Besides tracking the fact of realization you can also see how much time is spent on each of them. Set an order of tasks to coordinate the works between your departments.

Use the inner content management system

Even with technologies on our side, people are still responsible for data entry tasks. Human data entry errors can bring mess to your inner business processes. Misspelling, entering wrong address or contact information can lead to huge losses. Fortunately, you can significantly reduce the number of errors and enhance data integrity across your company by using a corporate ERP (Enterprise Content Management) system. It includes such feature as intelligent and optical character recognition that will sufficiently minimize the possibility of errors.

Automate logistics

Human errors on delivery are very common and frustrating. Automated logistics software is a proper solution in case you want to reduce data entry mistakes. This tool allows automatically input all shipment information and generate a proper customer invoice with tracking number.

7 Ways to reduce human mistakes

Design your working space accordingly

If you’re dealing with manufactories you know how crucial it is to design the workspace in a manner that minimizes harm from human error. In must be acknowledged that not the only human factor but also human capabilities should be kept in mind. Human safety in manufacturing is the main value no matter what.

Train your personnel

If you want to eliminate human errors, one of the things you have to do is to explain to your employees how crucial is the information and which consequences your company might face because of frequent mistakes. When understanding the importance of data accuracy, employees feel more responsible for it and try to improve their effectiveness.

Provide productive working environment

Fatigue, discomfort, noise and any distraction factors can negatively influence the efficiency and workability and lead to errors. The human relations can also put pressure on employees and keep them in fear of mistakes, that, as we know, causes even more mistakes. So it’s very important to provide personnel with comfortable working spaces, encourage them to make small breaks and create a friendly atmosphere. The less stress we feel, the more accurate and efficient work we can do.


Poor customer experience caused by human mistakes of your employee can make your client hate you and your brand. It can even push clients towards your competitors. Needless to say, human mistakes are impossible to eliminate, but you can significantly reduce the number by implementing a proper corporate software and creating a good working environment.

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