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iOS 11+: How to Update 32-bit Mobile App & Integrate New Features

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iOS 11+: How to Update 32-bit Mobile App & Integrate New Features

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Months before the official release of iOS 11 Apple has notified app owners that it will stop supporting 32-bit apps in its future OS. Apple has threatened 32-bit apps for 2 years already. Moreover, Apple has removed 32-bit apps from App Store search result starting from iOS 10.3. Now, the day Z has officially: 32-bit apps stop working on iOS 11.

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32 bitapps ios 11

“the developer of this app needs to update it to work with ios 11”

On top of it all, Apple is going to remove 180 THOUSANDS 32-bit apps from its application store. So, if you were reluctant about converting your app from 32 to 64-bit version, please don’t be, unless you want to lose your app.

The app owners who do care about their apps but didn’t manage to update to 64- bit in time will face some problems too. In such case, users will see a prompt informing that the app must be updated.

In other words, even if you rely on iPhone 4, 4s, 5 owners that won’t upgrade to iOS 11 – you still need to update your app to the 64-bit version. Unless you want to annoy your loyal audience.


Benefits of 64-bit App Update

car dashboard

Improved Performance

Shortly speaking 64-bit architecture allows apps to use the full potential of iPhones CPUs and make it with lesser power consumption.

The long answer is that 64-bit architecture allows storing longer words in transistor’s memory. By saying “words” we mean “addresses” to the particular locations in the device’s physical or virtual memory.

Well… just imagine that CPU is a postman, and his track can carry only 32 letters. Meaning a postman should come back to the base when every 32 letters are processed. Just like that 64-bit architecture allows your CPU process your app in fewer circles. But you’ll need to rewrite all “addresses” inside your app.

App Store Optimization

This is a little bonus you’ll get automatically by updating your app – a brand new app store page with all new opportunities inside.

From now on Apple pays more attention to the title and content part of app’s presentation page. The company has redesigned categories, brought bright images and enhanced UX. All these alterations are called to get maximum attention to your mobile app and streamline the installation process.


How to Convert 32-bit Apps to 64-bit Version

  1. Perform a code review in order to determine the scope of work. Plus you should determine external libraries and frameworks that are used in the mobile app. Those libraries should be converted to the 64-bit version too.
  2. Convert a core code. Convert the app’s code into 64-bit version by hand or by using special code compilers. The compiler is a program that rewrites object code back into the same type of object code while applying optimisations and transformations.
  3. Convert external libraries. Contact library developers and ask for the 64-bit version of their software or search for the alternative library that can be used in the updated version of the mobile app instead of 32-bit version.
  4. Run tests. Finally, we strongly advise you to perform integrity and regression testing to check whether the app still performs the same way on all devices after it was updated.

Easier said than done, huh? Contact us, we’ll give you a hand!


Additional iOS 11+ Features to Add into Your App

In the meantime, if you’re already getting under the hood of your app why not to add new features that arrived with new iOS 11. Obviously, not all of them will suit your app, but Apple has much to offer this year.

CORE ML – Makes your App Intelligence


Along with ARKit, this is one of the most prominent frameworks presented in iOS 11. CORE ML allows Swift developers to integrate trained machine learning models into the app. In particular, this framework is standing behind Siri, Camera, and QuickType.

Camera – New Filters to Work With

flower depth map

From now on Portrait Mode photos has something new to offer. In particular, depth filtering options. If you have a photo filtering app – you just can’t miss this function. All thanks to Depth Map API.

Files, Integrate Now!

files app iOS screenshot

Something Android has had for ages has now arrived to iPhones! Apple finally opens its file system allowing users to directly manipulate documents (copy, cut, paste) through a browsing window.

The catch is that Files requires additional integration and doesn’t work out-of-the-box. If you have some kind of file-sharing service, cloud storage, PDF-reader or any possible kind of office-purposed app – you should integrate with Files now!

drag and drop feature iOS 11

In addition, iOS 11 brings a handy Multi-Touch feature called Drag and Drop. This will come in handy while working with Files.

Bottom Line

iOS 11 adoption has surpassed 25% just after the first week of availability. It is expected that iOS 11 adoption rate will eventually overshadow the pace at which a previous version has been adopted. In the meantime, the transition to 64-bit apps is a cold hard truth that can’t be denied. The world does not stand still and if you want to keep going forward, get new users, and succeed – you probably should convert your app and bring some new perks.


Want to upgrade your app with new iOS 11 features?


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