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KroK — iOS app Release!


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Hey there! We’ve delivered a new iOS app called KroK to our client — a little juicy and addictive game for iPhones and iPads.

The gambling app is essentially a Rock Paper Scissors with money. You can play KroK with your friends and new players in peer-to-peer mode. We made it swift, simple, and super-fun. Here’s how:

  • Minimal  UI
  • Simple 3-step use case scenario
  • Peer-to-peer mode
  • Fresh and juicy design

The app has already raised £193,340 (about $ 254,400) on Crowdcube, a popular British investment crowdfunding platform. And this is almost twice as many as the initial target amount was!

So put bets – choose characters – and KroK-KroK-KroK!

Download and Test it Now!


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