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LinkedIn Launches Career Explorer For Better Finding a New Job

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In 2020 The Covid-19 pandemic has marked the global level of harm. Companies and organizations suffered huge losses, and as a result, many people lost their jobs. According to the International Labor Organization, there are about 245 million full-time people who reduce their working hours, and how they lost some of their income. Still, most of them were left without work.

Today we see some companies trying to help those people who need a job. For example, LinkedIn is launching a new Career Explorer tool to help people find new jobs. No, this is not just another search engine.

It is a digital tool that analyzes a person’s skills and offers him job options that best match his skills and experience. Thus, the system can offer the user those vacancies that he did not even anticipate and additional skills. It is possible to expand the options for employment.

Also, LinkedIn is launching a new skills portal to help users improve their digital skills, as well as interview preparation tools. 

Career Explorer is an innovative approach to job matching, and LinkedIn has everything to make it a success. After all, the company has its vast array of data to analyze a particular specialist’s career and integrate it with an employer looking for a person with such experience. This service can select vacancies that will be relevant and are currently in high demand based on the user profile data.

Such an Employment website opens up new opportunities for those who wanted to change jobs but did not know exactly which one. After all, sometimes losing a job is a chance to rethink your career and possibly change your profile.

LinkedIn provides an example of how this would work. “A waiter and a customer service technician (job in demand) have a 71% skill overlap.”

These workers can use Explorer to understand what skills can be improved through training on its platform to get better jobs in the future.

As a reminder, Career Explorer was launched last year as a platform with tests, thanks to which it was possible to find weaknesses in their skills and further improve them. The pandemic pushed the development of this project because by reducing the number of unemployed, the economy will recover faster.

The company claims that the new tool will help people not get discouraged in a job loss, as the platform can offer many different jobs. According to LinkedIn, more than 14 million jobs are currently open on their platform, and as a result, three people find jobs every minute. Career Explorer’s goal is to develop an algorithm that will connect people as accurately as possible with the opportunities that surround them. This makes LinkedIn an even more reliable partner in your job search, and we hope that this area will continue to develop.

Many companies want to help people find work, which will help improve the overall economic situation. We have recently completed a project that is also aimed at finding a job faster.  Job Activator is a business to business SaaS Web Application tool intended to meet the demand for unemployment as a result of COVID-19. The main goals of the app:

  • Allow those who look for a career growth job get his/her own career map and recommendations. 
  • Quick match of specialist and head hunters
  • Redirection to the platforms with recommended training and certifications

This solution is built for Recruitment Agency and people who are intended to find a job. It has an automated career mapping tool. This tool ingests users’ information via forms and dropdowns, e.g., such as name, interests, skill set, qualifications/certifications, a users’ preferred field of work or job, etc. It suggests possible career paths and gives salary ranges and a brief description of each career path option after filling all information. Once the user has selected a career path, the web application will direct them to create an automated Resume Builder. 

Also, users get suggestions on training and certifications based on answers from questionnaires or browsers for available training.

This approach also helps the company or people in need of work to find new ways to generate income. Suppose your company provides training or recruiting services, then by adding such an option. In that case, you can get even more customers, improve the experience of your users, and of course, add another source of profit.


Do you want to build an app that combines CV Builder, Career mapping tool, and Job listings?


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