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Coronavirus vs. High Tech: Round 1 – Smartwatches

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Okay, the world faces a great challenge – a global pandemic of COVID-19. What can we do about it? A century ago when Spanish Flu hit people were much less organized. Because there was no internet. Today, we can safeguard ourselves and our families with all those clever tech innovations we managed to engineer up to this point. 

Wear Tech – Smartwatch

One of the dangers of coronavirus is that a carrier can go on about his business without noticing the symptoms. This makes it easier for a virus to spread because an ill person without obvious symptoms doesn’t get seriously ill right ahead. 

Moreover, even slightly bigger body temperature can indicate the infection. Whether you knew it or not, but smartwatches register your body temperature and can alarm you. You have a higher than usual temperature and feel good at the same time. Nevertheless, this makes it critical for you to test on coronavirus in order to safeguard other people. 

Wear OS

If you’d like to know just how seriously big brands approached smartwatch tech, consider that smartwatch devices run on their own Wear OS either from iPhone or Android. Sophisticated devices are backed by sophisticated software. There are literally hundreds of ways your usual Apple Watch can be useful in daily. Much more so in emergencies and in the face of extreme circumstances. 

Most if not every Wear OS apps connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi. If you install a medical app, you can activate smartwatch integration, allowing the app to access your history and to monitor your heart rate, breathing, body temperature, etc. This info is of vital importance to guarantee that you are healthy at any given time. With a casual smartwatch chronic patients can be monitored 24/7 to better regulate their treatment and reduce the risk of a worse condition to advance. 

Regular folks may benefit from smartwatch features in their opposition to the global pandemic of Coronavirus. Apple Watch monitors all your vital body signals and might notify you when you fail to notice that you have a fever. More, there’s a reported case when a cyclist was rescued by paramedics after his Apple Watch called 911. The man lost his consciousness and his smartwatch detected it as well as the crash of his bike and the fall. Since the man did not respond, the algorithm automatically called the ambulance. You can read this story here.    

Include Smartwatch Connectivity in Your App

It is now the best time to invest in medical startups. And when you are going to develop your own medical app for a hospital or a private physician, remember to use the many benefits offered by smartwatches.

As you can see in the infographics below, the market of wearables is on the constant increase. It means that consumer tech such as earpods and smartwaches will continue to seel well, exhibiting more and more useful features over time.

More Benefits of Smartwatch Tech

During Coronavirus the collection of medical data is fundamental to the success in the fight against the pandemic. Medical software and healthcare apps are facing the rise in popularity for the last two years. Today the need to optimize the medical system and make it faster, more productive, and more accessible is not just a sweet possibility but a critical need. 

Hospitals around the world face a stressful challenge. Our whole medical infrastructure is about to feel the blow of the global Covid-19 pandemic. To use modern technologies like smartwatches for prophylactic measures is one of the many good ways to confront the problem. 

Medical software has a great future to wear tech (not just smartwatches) because it allows us to monitor humans outside medical facilities. And with this data, a more precise medical assessment can be made

Lifehack: Adjust your smartwatch to remind you to clean your hands more often, wear a mask, keep distance when you are in public, take vitamins, do not touch your face, etc.  

Summing Up

So, smartwatches will definitely continue to conquer the hardware market, and Wear OS software to back it up will be in high demand. Like earpods, smartwatches create a hardware IoT ecosystem with universal connectivity between devices. 

Data collected with access to human cardiovascular metrics, heart rate, breathing tempo, sleep patterns, and activity measurements have the potential to improve the quality of medical care in both short and long terms. Why is that especially important now? Because it can reduce the pressure of Covid-19 on our healthcare industry and medical infrastructure.  


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