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Meet HDR in Live Streaming on YouTube

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About four years ago, YouTube introduced HDR support for pre-recorded video content uploaded to the platform, and it was a breakthrough. As for living broadcasts, it was impossible to improve quality with this technology until this week.

A couple of days ago, YouTube announced that it is launching HDR for live streaming and making YouTube the first significant platform to stream high-quality HDR content.

Let’s take a look at what is hiding under HDR. It is a high dynamic range – video has a broader range of colors and higher contrast. It, in turn, makes HDR video brighter whites and darker blacks. The overall image is much brighter than the standard video.

Difference between standard and HDR video

If you are not a big fan of picture quality, you may not notice the difference between HDR and non-HDR video and between 4k and 1080p video. By the way, YouTube is still the same four years ago, launched live broadcasts in 4K. We believe that the introduction of HDR support is a breakthrough in the world of live streaming.

You can watch HDR content using any device that supports HDR technology: TV, streaming box, or mobile device. YouTube has issued a guide for those planning to broadcast live in HDR.

Live stream HDR video content To live stream HDR video content, you need to Use a compatible encoder. Use a camera that supports HDR video with either the PQ or HLG color standards. Check your camera’s manual to see if these standards are supported.

From the YouTube Guide

Since the beginning of this month, YouTube has launched several significant new features for its live streaming. As a reminder, Premiere received an update a week ago that allows creators to stream pre-recorded uploaded video as a one-time live stream when it is first published. New features let you stream a teaser trailer or countdown to the video presentation. After a new video is presented, the recently uploaded content starts showing using a smooth transition.

The company says there’s been an 85 percent growth in the daily use of the feature from over 8 million channels, and these additions might make Premieres useful in more scenarios.

YouTube has likely stepped up its live stream updates and enhancements due to the rise of other video ad competitors such as Twitch. Therefore, the introduction of such updates helps to maintain uniqueness in the market.

We at GBKSOFT have extensive experience in developing streaming platforms. We should admit that live streaming platforms are becoming more and more popular every year, and in particular, this year has become one of the most active in terms of user growth due to the pandemic. Now more than ever, it is worth launching Live streaming projects because the conditions for this are favorable. To become successful, you should choose narrow directions and promote your project in a little niche. For example, we recently finished the project The Club, which allows DJs worldwide to stream their concerts and thus earn money for themselves. At the same time, the platform receives a commission. Are you still wondering if you should develop your live streaming application? Let’s discuss your idea, and our business analyst will be able to give you recommendations on making the application successful.


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