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Meet us at Web Summit in Next Year

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We are happy to announce that GBKSOFT is coming to Lisbon to present our company at Web Summit 2018 for the first time!

Meet Irina and Alexey to discuss the IT market trends and get acquainted with our company.

Why meeting with GBKSOFT is a good idea?

? Get a free consultation about web development. Our specialists will explain you the “magic” of development processes. Get the experts advice how to choose technologies and the team that will suit your project best.

? Get assured that outsourcing in Ukraine is safe and reliable.

? Get the materials that will help you to attract investors to your project.

? Get your idea crash tested on site the Web Summit!


Already interested? The fact you may like – we are pleased to be among TOP 10 best mobile application development companies in Ukraine.

If you have the idea of the mobile or web app but don’t know where to start from, we propose the unique initiative – App Crash Test. Find us on the Summit and our managers Irina and Alexey will help you to test your idea. You’ll get recommendations based on extensive market research and the development plan for the project. Moreover, we guarantee confidentiality and security of all your ideas.

The results will be ready within dates of Web Summit! Can anyone else provide the same service for free? We do!

Web Summit is not just the largest tech conference in the world. It’s a place, where the best clients and web developers meet the perfect matches. So let’s meet each other 🙂

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