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New Google Shopping tools for finding the best deals

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Are you ready for the holiday shopping season? Very soon, most people will dive headlong into online shopping. Have you ever tried to remember how much this item cost before the discount when you saw a discounted price tag? In order not to be tormented by doubts, “is this a good price?” Yesterday Google presented many useful functions for online shopping, which is called Google Shopping.

With new tools, shopping should become enjoyable, comfortable, and profitable, not only for holidays. Google Shopping has introduced new and updated features, including price analysis, price comparison, and price tracking.

If you haven’t used a tool like Google Shopping until now, be sure to do it. There is no need to stop any separate special applications. This is a part of the Google Chome browser, where different suppliers’ products and prices are compared. So, to pass up the tool, google “orange velvet high-back chair.”

Next, click on the buy tab, and you’ll see all kinds of options from different sellers. This is convenient since you do not need to go from site to site, open many tabs in the browser to compare the most suitable options.

We can say that now we are ready to welcome Black Friday with all our weapons.

A way to determine if a sale price is beneficial

A way to determine if a sale price is beneficial

To understand whether the discount is really in front of you and not on purpose, the seller crossed out the overpriced. To make the deal more attractive, there are special tools. Of course, there are other solutions for this case to determine if you are being lured with a fake discount. For example, camelcamelcamel only compares Amazon data, but unfortunately, it does not analyze other sellers. With Google Shopping, you will know if a product’s current price is high, low, or typical compared to others on the Internet and other retailers.

Price comparison and delivery

Price comparison and delivery

Another useful feature of the “Google Shopping” tab is comparing different sellers’ prices – both online and local. The list of retailers will also be visible to you on the page, and you can quickly determine which price is more favorable for you. You can also check the availability of the product in the store, so that it is easier for you to pick it up, whether you can get it today or will have to wait.

Set alerts for price drops

Set alerts for price drops

Have you ever had a case when you did not dare to buy a product yesterday, but today the price has risen? In such cases, there is always the possibility that the price may fall again soon. But checking every day or even several times a day is inconvenient. You can enable price change alerts for products that interest you. You can choose how you want to receive alerts by email or in the Google Search app.

With new tools, online sellers will find it more challenging to work because any user will now be an expert. From the buyer’s point of view, though, the tools provide incredible value and benefit. Many experts say that this approach will make Google even more of a monopoly and lead to control over the competitors it faces in search. This does not directly affect consumers but gives Google more opportunities on the commercial side of the market.

Do not despair if you have just decided to start selling online or have been on the market for a long time and use dynamic pricing. On October 20, the US Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google, in which the company is accused of illegally holding monopolies in the search network and search advertising.


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