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A News Digest On Cloud Computing, AI and Machine Learning Tech Trends #2

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GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij is thinking of going public as employee share sales valued the company $6 billion. GitLab is a cloud-based service that helps developers to provide product development less expensive and faster. GitLab`s annual revenue stands at $150 million as it has grown by 74% for the last quarter. During 2020 the company сontracted three prestigious airlines and one travel management provider despite the limitations due to the pandemic.

Trend Micro
According to Trend Micro, AI tech is expected to replace humans by 2030. In 2021 Trend Micro predicts that cybercriminals will look to home networks as a critical launch pad to compromising corporate IT and IoT networks — 32% of 500 IT leaders believe AI will replace all cybersecurity roles by 2030; 19% say attackers using AI will be commonplace by 2025.

Challenging Tesla, Chinese carmaker Xpeng releases an autonomous driving feature. The new autonomous driving feature Navigation Guided Pilot or NGP will allow the company’s flagship P7 sedan to automatically change lanes, speed up or slow down, overtake cars and enter and exit highways.

AI & Machine Learning
76% Of Enterprises Prioritize AI & Machine Learning In 2021. The main reasons for more AI implementing are:

  • customer experience improvement
  • automating processes
  • generating financial insights
  • generating customer
  • insights increase customer engagement–machine-learning-in-2021-it-budgets/

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