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Oleksandra Rostovtseva Becomes a Member of the Forbes Business Council

Oleksandra in Forbes Council

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Last week we had a pleasant updateOleksandra Rostovtseva, Altamira’s Client Success Chief became a member of the Forbes Business Council. 

Oleksandra Rostovtseva has been actively contributing to software in the IT industry for more than a decade. She shares her feeling after getting the Forbes Council membership:

Being in the software industry for 12 years, I'm happy to now get the possibility to contribute with my experience and expertise by becoming a member of the Forbes Business Council.

Oleksandra Rostovtseva

Forbes Business Council is a professional organization and a community of entrepreneurs enabling them to build business relations, and exchange experience, and ideas. There are experts in different business fields, and you can find answers to the most pressing business questions. 

Membership in the Forbes community offers a customized opportunity to foster social connections. 

What value do you get while becoming a member of the Forbes council:

  • You can publish your articles on the Forbes blog, establishing yourself as an expert in a specific niche; 
  • Enables professional growth through experience exchange and access to professional webinars and videos; 
  • Ability to enhance your public visibility and credibility as an expert in your niche; 
  • It is a great opportunity to expand your professional knowledge and share your affiliation with the Forbes community.

To become a member of the Forbes Business Council you need to have at least three years of experience in business as a publicly recognized business, organizations or entrepreneur. 

Membership in Forbes Business Council opens new professional horizons for Oleksandra Rostovtseva, enables her to exchange valuable skills and knowledge with colleagues and strengthen the presence in global business community. 

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