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Rebuilding Trust In Election Systems With VotingWorks

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Today, fact-checking is in the first place for many services. Before the current elections, social platforms, news resources, and many others faced such a problem as publishing false information.

Information on the deployment of a solution has appeared on the Internet Archive site, which will conduct fact-checking based on checking the archives of web pages using the Wayback Machine service. The launch of this digital solution was driven by the company’s need for this feature after it was noticed that several fact-checking teams were linking to archived versions of pages.

We are trying to preserve our digital history, but we are aware of the challenges associated with providing access to false and misleading information from various sources. By providing convenient links to contextual information, we hope that our visitors better understand what they are reading in the Wayback Machine

the president of the company wrote in his message.

I will introduce the fact that organizations that specialize in fact-checking can recover previously deleted information, mostly VotingWorks. The Wayback Machine aims to help such organizations by providing this context in the archived pages themselves.

VotingWorks is a not-for-profit startup that aims to improve the technology behind elections with more affordable and safer voting systems and use modern statistical science to improve voter checks’ quality and efficiency. The company’s developments seemed sufficient, but they needed to prove it in practice. Eventually, one county in Mississippi agreed to the experiment. In total, about 10,000 residents took part in this event.

The whole problem is that the previously used machines were very outdated and required high costs from the side of maintenance and further processing of information and did not have a paper trail.

VotingWorks offers a great solution to a problem built from existing hardware and open-source software hosted on GitHub. This made the machines more open and verifiable than the competition and also available at a lower cost.

Thanks to a 2018 experiment in Choctaw County, Mississippi, as early as 2019, the same state used these machines in 13 locations. Thanks to the company’s efforts, it was possible to shorten the stage of setting up each electoral machine. Previously, it took about 30 minutes, but now 2-3 minutes is enough.

Also, the risk of disruption to the vote due to the voting station’s power outage was reduced since the old equipment used too much electricity, causing overvoltage in the network.

As you already understood, VotingWorks makes not only machines but also audit software to make audits more statistically accurate and cheaper to conduct, and also develops systems for processing absentee certificates better.

“An important feature of the modern voting system is its modularity. You can use our auditing system with any standard tabulator. You don’t have to use VotingWorks,” said the founders of the company.

This election is a test of the organization’s strength, but having passed this test, VotingWorks will contribute to choice logistics. Today, it is given a lot of attention, but its effectiveness is still low.

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