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Universal Access Cloud Systems for Remote Work During Coronavirus


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We are now facing a global response to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic. Like most of the other companies and educational facilities we switch to remote work. Is your business ready for this challenge? It better be, since during these turbulent times distributed digital access can save your business from Coronavirus-associated losses. 

In this brief entry we’re going to discuss how custom CMS helps to handle transition to remote working. For millions of employees around the world this is now a critically important question. It is just as important for business owners who want to minimize losses and contain the damage without losing focus.

Perhaps, you are still using different messengers, your gmail, and Google Sheets/Docs to organize your business processes. Let’s find out about more ergonomic ways to sort out work processes, how to keep everything in order and everybody updated, and stay productive on a lockdown while at home.      

Crisis is the Time of Opporunity

Office workers in big cities plan and train to adopt working from home via the internet. Many ot the world’s companies already did so today. Others will follow tomorrow. Nobody knows how long the pandemic will last. Accessing your working interface from your home desktop is a brilliant answer to the problem. First, it eradicates huge office crowds from gathering daily. Secondly, it moves daily commute via public transport out of the equation, making it yet more difficult for Covid19 to spread. 

Most modern software products have one specific benefit – universal access. It means that you can access the apps or web apps anywhere from any device. Workplaces that employ such systems allow workers to work from home the same as they work in the office with no live communicationm staying online in the internal web systems that are cloud based (like Slack or Jira). You won’t share a meal with your colleagues or shout over to a neighbor’s table but the work will be done irregardless.  

Coronavirus causes shift to remote work

Remote Working in Times of Epidemic

Universities and schools are closed down, public events suspended, and huge gatherings postponed. The pandemic will continue actively for the next 3 month and then expand yet further to the end of the year. 

Working remotely is a relatively new but already very popular activity. The adoption rate of remote freelancing, according to statistics, has been at the all-time high in 2019. Some research materials suggest that in certain cases employee productivity rises. With just the right software applications a company’s internal CMS portals and web apps can be assessed from home. 

That is possible thanks to cloud-based architecture and universal access solution that distributes system access across all users, disregarding their location or timeframes. Most successful business operations employ such systems to keep track of everything happening in the company. Alongside with 24/7 live monitoring and instant updates, progress, communication, cooperation, statistics, and status info are all visible to the users working remotely and their managers.   

Features of Cloud-Based CMS

Now is the best time to make a digital upgrade to your business model. Consider to start development of web solution or a mobile app to allow the employees distantly perform their job duties. 

Benefits of a cloud-based web/mobile app

  • Employee tracking
  • System wide status updates
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves communication flow
  • Allow employees to work remotely
  • Can be accessed from any device everywhere
  • File sharing
  • Live streaming, conference calls

The future of digital business is remote work. And the unprecedented crisis that is Coronavirus Pandemic only further emphasizes this notion. 

Some sources even claim that remaking work environment into remotely accessed cloud applications is to ensure possible years of working from home. A permanent new reality will definitely cost us social interaction at workplace. It may just as well increase productivity, decrease pollution caused by transportation of the daily commuters, save employees’ time and ride fare, improve overall organization, and bestow sustained order on the work routine.    


Always remember that the times of crisis are the times of opportunity. With Coronavirus pandemic your business may finally get to have what it takes to make the most out of your work process.

Your employees will only be thankful for a top-notch cloud-based web or mobile CMS platform for the most efficient work. Are you ready to move your workplace to your home? Save time on commute, save time on fluent and rapid online communication, use digital tools the likes of Jira and Slack but customized to your individual needs. With such digital improvment no pandemic can threat your business. Stay in-doors and don’t panic, all will be well. Be healthy and good luck to you!


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