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What solution does your laundry business need? 

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Digital optimization is no longer a privilege, it is a necessity for every business right now. Whatever services or goods you are selling you need a reliable solution that will be convenient for both your employees and your customers. Today we would like to discuss with you how digitalization can help to boost laundry business, what solutions you should know about, and in development of what application you should invest. 

First of all let’s take a minute and discuss how drastically different laundry businesses have become. If previously people used to visit laundromats and did their laundry by themselves, now everything has changed. With introduction of pick-up and delivery services the customers can forget about their laundry routine and delegate it to professionals in one click. And this is the best revolution of the laundry business that could have happened to us. Numerous companies all over the world offer convenient and fast laundry services and their income keeps increasing. 

But what is important if you change your business model and transfer to on-demand service providing? The answer is – correctly designed and developed digital solutions. Every laundry needs an app and admin panel to make order making and management faster and easier. So, without further ado, let’s discuss what a great laundry app needs to have. 


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Some good examples of laundry apps 

laundry business

Before we start describing some examples, we would recommend you to read our article about digitalization of laundry businesses. There you will find some crucial info about key challenges that can be resolved thanks to custom solutions, and of course there is a list of useful recommendations from our specialists. That article will help you to decide whether you need a mobile or web app for your particular laundry business. 

And now let’s get back to apps for providing laundry services. First of all it is necessary to mention that every laundry app consists of 3 parts:

  1. Client panel the app that is used by customers to make orders and track their status.
  2. Landry panel – the app that is used by the laundry owner or his employees to manage orders and check our client pages.
  3. payment gatewayit is a server that is responsible for the work of both client and laundry panels, it works with client databases, helps to manage all issues related to the apps and their usage. 

So if you are going to build an application for your laundry business you should give a good thought to all these three components and make sure they all are realized good. Of course, before get started with app development you need to perform research and check out the most popular laundry apps that already exist on the market. This will help you to identify what feature set should be present in your solution, and you will also be able to take a look at how laundry apps work. 

To save your time a little bit we did our own research and collected several great laundry apps that have all crucial options and are user-friendly. 

Laundry King

laundry king

Image Source: App Store

Laundry King was build by GBKSOFT team with the purpose to boost the business of our client. The idea behind this app was to create a convenient solution for on-demand laundry services that users of all age groups can install and use easily. The main advantage of Laundry King is that it has a well thought-out feature set and design. The clients that use it can easily find all available laundry options, check out the prices of services, make orders and pay for them without leaving the app.

Laundry King works like a charm and is appreciated by many New York citizens. It made the pick-up and delivery of laundry fast, convenient and effective. And that is because it was build taking into account all business needs of our client.

Read more about our expertise
We’ve aready described in detal Laundry King and all its features in out article. Don’t miss a chance and read it on our blog to get clear understanding of the power that digitalization has.


cleanly app

Image Source: App Store

Cleanly or as it is known now – ByNext.  This app united Cleanly and NextCleaners and it is highly appreciated by all users. ByNext provides on-demand laundry service in New York, Brooklyn, and Washington DC at affordable prices. Their application allows customers to complete an order in a couple of clicks, select necessary services from the available range, and schedule their laundry pick-up and delivery from 7 A.M. till 10 P.M. 

ByNext is available for both iOS and Android users and that is a perfect approach in terms of customer convenience. It is always recommended to build a solution for both popular operating systems to make sure you can get as many potential customers as possible. ByNext has a light and beautiful design, the UX is also on a high level. – we selected this brand because it has web and mobile presence, i.e. there is a website and apps for iOS and Android devices. And it represents a bit of a different approach to on-demand laundry services. In this app, users can select which company is going to do their laundry. They can read reviews, check ratings, and delegate their laundry to the most suitable company. The main advantage of this app is that it allows clients to decide how much they are willing to spend for a laundry service. 

Although the minimum order should be no less than $20 and the delivery time sometimes is 2 days, customers consider to be the best in its segment. The coverage of their services in huge – 40+ cities in different states. So in case you have a business of the same model, you can consider developing a similar web and mobile solution for it. 


fly cleaners app

Image Source: App Store 

FlyCleaners – This app reminds of Cleanly because it offers a wide range of services, pick-up, and drop-off services and, on top of that, it has an overnight cleaning option for busy people. The design and functionality of this solution is also quite clear and intuitive, the order-making process is smooth and fast. It is a great solution that helps to boost the laundry business and make the laundry brand more recognized. 

When considering laundry app development you should not forget that such a solution adds value to your business and becomes a source of additional revenue. So your regular customers who do their laundry themselves will keep coming to your laundromat. But additionally, you’ll expand your customer base by providing pick-up and delivery services to the people living nearby in the district who are too busy to spend time on doing laundry. 


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What growth opportunity a digitalization can offer?

An app for laundry business grants numerous opportunities that you can make use of. The most important of them is possibility to establish B2B sales and partner with other companies which can be in need of laundry services. Restaurants, beauty salons, hotels, hostels and even military institutions can be your potential partners.

Here is how it works – you develop a part of the app so that the companies can use it to make big orders and you organize pick-up and delivery services and overnight cleaning. So let’s say you’ve agreed to cooperate with a certain beauty salon and they will delegate their laundry routine (dirty towels, robes, clothes, etc.) to you a couple of times in a week. They can schedule pick-up and delivery in your app, track the status of their order, receive notifications or send you some notes related to special treatment of a certain items. This is a great growth opportunitity since the amount of laundry will be bigger and the orders will be more expensive. So apart from having your regular income from clients who attend laundromat, and clients who use your pick-up and delivery services, you will increase your overall profit thanks to cooperation with other small and big businesses.

How to build my laundry app?

If you’ve made the decision to digitalize your business and develop a laundry app, then it is crucial to select the appropriate team. After all, the development itself is a complicated process and every phase of it should be completed without any issues. So the question is “What to pay attention to while choosing your team?”

First of all, make sure that they have experience in building similar solutions. It is important because the team that did digital transformation for a business like yours will be aware of all pitfalls and will know how to deliver the best possible solution without exceeding your budget and time limits. We would also recommend you to check the reviews left by the real clients and the portfolio of the team. Expertise means a lot especially when it comes to optimization of businesses. 

Let’s take our company. GBKSOFT has built several laundry apps for different companies and all of those projects turned out successful. Before creating an app we have thoughtfully picked a set of necessary features and paid special attention to UI and UX. Here is what we added to laundry solutions we’ve worked on:

  • Easy order making – which made the whole customer experience more pleasant.
  • Reliable payment gateway – nowadays integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay is a must because people prefer paying for services online rather than with cash.
  • List of services with prices – the customer should not only see all available laundry options but also know how much he will have to pay. 
  • Geolocation – this feature is crucial since it helps not only the customers to track the status of their orders but also the drivers when they are dealing with an influx of clients. 
  • Notifications – thanks to this option business owners can remind their customers to make new orders or notify them about some special discounts or seasonal limited-time offers. 
  • Bonus program – this option helps to win customers loyalty. 

What’s also important, the laundry apps should not be the same even for the two similar businesses. Each solution should be done taking into account the specific needs of the business owner. So the feature set, design, all integrations can differ. For example, we in our company have ready-made modules that help us to build apps a bit faster, but the customization of the solutions is always unique for each of our clients. 

If you compare two solutions that we’ve built – Donald Service and Laundry King you will definitely notice how different they are and how they highlight the brands of  our clients. What unites them is high-quality code and user-friendly interfaces. But all other elements starting with buttons and ending with fonts and looks of the screens are unique.

Real profit from app we've built
One of our clients boosted his business greatly after we’ve launched his laundry app. He started getting more orders and his client base increased by 1K of new clients in two months. As to the income, it added $5,000 on top thanks to the clients who ordered laundry pick-up and delivery services via the app. It’s important to mention that this business was of small size with only 2 active laundromat spaces.

The first and the most important thing is that his income kept increasing each month adding $1000+ to the initial revenue sum. His laundry services become more popular among people leaving nearby and he started getting more orders from customers. We can predict that this tendency of growth will remain and the influx of customers will only get bigger soon.

So if you’ve had any doubts whether you really need a laundry app, we can say that it is a must for a business! To develop such solution you will need a range of specialists, among them there are:

  • Software Architect
  • Designer
  • HTML Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • PHP Developer
  • Scrum Master
  • QA engineer

Each of those specialists has hourly rate that will influence the total cost of your app development. Although it is time and cost consuming, the profit you’ll get from your solution is worth it. Not only will it pay itself off, but also it will bring you an additional icome and new business opportunities.

If you are interested how long it may take to build your laundry app from scratch, we’d say 4-6 months (depending on the feature set, design and app complexity). However, since we have some ready-made modules, the development term can be reduces. Take a look at the table below, showing how many hours it may take to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and full version of the laundry app.

Development StagesMVP (in hours)Full project (in hours)
Business Analyst110150
iOS Development469585
Android Development272321
PHP Development358527

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It is hard to underestimate the value of mobile and web applications for businesses. Modern world is all about speed and convenience. People got used to doing many things on the go and delegating routine tasks like laundry to the special companies. 

Laundry pick-up and delivery services have already become a common part of our lives. So now every owner of the laundry business has to make sure that he is doing enough to satisfy all his clients and make their customers’ experience better. And that is why it is crucial to invest in digital solutions allowing to provide services in no time. Every laundry app should be easy-to-use, intuitive and visually pleasing, and only a team of professionals can build such a solution. 

A basic website that will have all necessary feaures and beautiful design will cost you $10,000. However, if you want to make it more advanced, the price probably will be higher. As to the laundry app, the price will depend on its feature set and complexity. A simple but functional app for both iOS and Android devices costs $25,000 or more.
Usually it takes 4-6 month to develop, test and release a well functioning and visually appealing laundry app. However, the term can be prolonged if you want to add some specific features or third-party integrations.
We would recommend you to ensure both web and mobile presence because it helps to expand your client base. While some people prefer ordering services on the go using their devices, others do this only on their computers.
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