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Top App Simulators to Train Like an Astronaut

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50 years ago humans landed on the Moon. And even you can train as an astronaut now. Half a century since Apollo 11 mission we are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution (internet, smartphones, apps). NASA plans to return to the Moon but this time a space odyssey is no longer a prerogative of government agencies because it won’t be possible without private-held tech giants like SpaceX or Blue Origin. The future of space tourism is near. There’s already an app that offers a professional guidance and training techniques required for space travel. Start training today to be ready when the time comes because space travel is not a walk in the park. Or, you may even develop your own app because current market trends show a significant rise in interest regarding space exploration.    

Exploring space is a an ultra high-tech theme. All those interested in technologies and even those who aren’t find space very enigmatic and attractive. Space simulators allow to feel closer to humanity’s last frontier and become more aware of what it takes to be an astronaut. Time will come when more people will be able to travel in space and so it is true that apps that make us feel like astronauts are in demand now more than ever. 

Space Nation Navigator

This app comes first when you try and google “space training app”. Made by a Finnish-US development firm, it received generally favorable reviews for its smart UI/UX design, interesting features, and rich functionality. It combines fitness lessons with psychological tests that are aimed at making you into an astronaut in a certain timeframe. Your performance is rated and the feedback is given based on your results. 

This is not just an app. It is a game full of quizzes that has a narrative to make completion of the program into an exciting adventure. It was developed in partnership with NASA. Moreover, the app owners promised to choose 100 app users for a real space training program. The best 12 of those will be selected for a 10-week real training program. And 1 top performer will become a “Space Nation Astronaut”, getting a free trip to space. The first real-life training gathered bloggers and influencers at NASA training camp in North Iceland where Apollo astronauts trained before going to the Moon.     

Space Station Research XPlorer

This app was developed by NASA. Your character is a researcher who works on the International Space Station. Your mission is to conduct research, make tests, and explore all the diversity of scientific activities that happen on ISS. The app has more than 10 000 downloads. Using this app, you can see the interior of the ISS and have a tour at the same time doing those things that real astronauts do which is a great experience. Users can earn points and achievements to unlock more missions and exciting possibilities inside the app.  

3D Space Walk Astronaut Simulator Shuttle Game

This game made by Zojira Studio Games has more than 100 000 downloads. It has great visuals and the app allows you to play an astronaut and complete a mission in the open space. Thanks to stunning visuals the experience of floating in the open space looks very real and convincing. Players should monitor their oxygen levels and navigate in zero gravity environment, using suit controls to successfully return back to shuttle and don’t get lost in the open space.    

Your Own Space App

Making an app to train like an astronaut is a great idea. Space has always provided exciting and dream-like opportunities for adventures. With SpaceX and Blue Origin making test launches and planning to colonize Moon and Mars, commercializing this hot subject can pay off. Everybody’s talking about Moon 2024 and legendary Apollo 11 mission is a humanity’s legacy that makes us all a little bit more proud of being humans. For example, you can easily adjust your fitness app to this space theme, making it look like astronaut training or you can make a specialized app for pilots, engineers and researchers that work in space.     


Space apps are cool. They make you feel like an astronaut even if it means training the hell out of it to fit the requirements. General audience, including bloggers and influencers tend to show huge interest in modern space programs. People look up to startups like SpaceX and Blue Origin and hope for commercialization of space travelling in the future. And it is definitely so that the future of space travel is in the hands of private companies. Time will come when every citizen of the Earth would be able to call himself an astronaut. Until then, use the likes of Space Nation Navigator to learn the basics of space program training and be physically fit.   


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