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Stand with Ukraine! To all our Friends, Colleagues, Partners.


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Dear friends, colleagues and partners!

Russia has attacked Ukraine. Today is the 6th day of war in our country. Our reality has brutally changed, and it’s surreal that instead of living our normal lives, we are bound to hide in bomb shelters.

Ukraine is resisting and protecting our land, our people and our future. Everyone in Ukraine is contributing to bringing our victory closer, including our teams. Every Ukrainian business is supporting and providing for Ukrainian army right now.

The best way for all our partners to help our country and our people is to keep doing business with Ukrainian companies. We are asking our partners to continue our partnership during this difficult time! We won’t let Russian occupants destroy all the results we have reached during the decade of hard work!

We keep all our communication channels open:

Now at least 80% of our Ukrainian team continues to work on our ongoing development projects to the possible extent.

Stand with Ukraine!
Glory to heroes!


stand with ukraine

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