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Superhear with Augmented Reality from Facebook. Magic or Reality?

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The company presented augmented reality (AR) glasses, with which the visual reality around you will be “supplemented” with digital objects. What if real sounds complement realistic items?

Without exaggeration, Facebook announced that work is now underway on technology that can be compared to magic. On Thursday, the company’s blog posted a quick overview of what the audio team at Facebook Reality Labs Research has been working on lately. They work in two directions:

  •  one is to create virtual sounds that cannot be distinguished from real ones,
  • the other is “redefining human hearing.”

Experts analyzed how your brain determines where the sound is coming from to achieve results in the first case. This is due to many factors, including the geometry of the room you are in, the ears’ shape, and the fact that one ear hears sound a little earlier than the other.

To obtain the highest quality results, costly equipment and a specially designed room are required. Facebook researchers have been able to achieve that people cannot distinguish real from the virtual sound.

Super hearing technology also allows you to hear more clearly in noisy environments by amplifying desired sounds and suppressing background noises. A little imagination, and you can imagine that you are looking at someone and immediately hear the interlocutor’s speech, much better than other sounds in the room. Facebook’s team plans to do this by using multiple microphones and recording head and eye movements to figure out which sounds are most attractive to the user.

This is far from all the news about the technology being developed by Facebook, which may become new opportunities for AR glasses. Of course, glasses’ appearance must be expected in at least a couple of years, but they predict a more significant future than Glass from Google.

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