The Best Apps of 2021 According to Apple and Google

During 2019 and 2021, we saw a vast increase in activity in the mobile app development industry. According to statistics, there were 204 billion downloads, and users spent 120 billion dollars. People spend about 3.5 hours a day on apps, which puts the app industry in competition with TV. The total cost of the mobile app development industry in 2019 was estimated at $ 544 billion.

In the first week of December, Apple and Google published reports on the best apps of the year 2020, and Apple also published lists of the apps that were downloaded the most. We would also like to remind you that Apple has developed the App Store Small Business Program, which we wrote about earlier.

Best Apps of the Year

Both companies have a lot in common, but there are some differences in their “best apps of 2020” lists. It is worth noting that this year’s difficulties were reflected in these lists because the whole world was locked at home during the pandemic, and the approach to study, work, and play has changed.


After such a stressful year, Apple and Google selected the best “stress reliever” app among the year-end winners. In Apple’s case, the Endel iOS app won the Apple Watch App of the Year. However, Google has named Loóna sleep app the best app of the year.

Loóna was this year’s discovery and deserved this year’s award. Unlike sleep and meditation apps, this app helps people relax while they are still on their phones. In the application, users are offered to paint pictures while they are told a story for the night, and it is also possible to listen to musical playlists, which are called soundscapes.

Disney + became the undisputed top app in Apple and Google. The new streaming service has become a lifesaver for families left at home with small children. Shows like The Mandalorian, Onward, and Mulan have helped push the service to the top in 2020.

During the pandemic, video conferencing applications have become an integral part of our lives. Therefore Zoom also entered the list of the most popular applications this year according to the marketplaces’ version. This application was specially installed on the iPad, and, as users themselves note, thanks to the video application, communication has acquired at least some meaning.

Also, most of the users were forced to abandon the gym and other activities due to the coronavirus. According to this, Wakeout!, which is a home workout assistant, became Apple’s iPhone app of the year. Staying at home all day long felt a lack of activity, and the app helped compensate for this lack of short workouts throughout the day.

Games apps have always been in demand, but this year they received an unprecedented burst of activity, and the gacha-based role-playing game Genshin Impact was named “best game” of the year on Apple and Google lists. In the first month of the pandemic, the game grossed $ 245 million in the first month and nearly $ 400 million in two months on mobile. These results indicate that users are striving for a console experience on mobile devices.

Other top Apple apps of the year include Fantastical, Apple’s favorite Mac app of the year; Legends of Runeterra as iPad Game of the Year; Disco Elysium as Mac Game of the Year; Dandara Trials of Fear – Apple TV Game of the Year and Sneaky Sasquatch as Apple’s Arcade Game of the Year.

As for the lists from Google, among the most popular SpongeBob games are Krusty Cook-Off, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, Legends of Runeterra, Sky: Children of Light, Disney Frozen Adventures, and others.

Apple’s Most Downloaded Apps of 2020

And so the “best” apps of the year in terms of downloads. Zoom was ranked # 1 by the pandemic as the most downloaded iPhone app. Among social networks, TikTok outpaced all its competitors, although, in previous years, Facebook apps have always taken the first place. The Square Cash App ranked 10th as the pandemic has boosted demand for contactless payments and direct donations to those in need.

We highlighted the top 5 most downloaded apps and games in 2020 were:

Top Free iPhone AppsTop Paid iPhone Apps
ZOOM Cloud Meetings


Disney +




Procreate Pocket

Dark Sky Weather



This year has been stressful for all industries. It took several months after the start of the crisis to adapt business processes to the new reality. Among our clients, we also saw an increased demand for mobile development in the first six months. Applications were created for a network of laundries, cleaning companies, and others that previously worked offline. Many customers who have yet ordered web apps also wanted to develop apps for washing devices, especially streaming platforms, tutorials, etc.

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