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The Future Technology That Can Prevent Pandemics

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From that moment when the world saw the first report of coronavirus in Wuhan, China, it has spread over the globe. China used against the virus, its strong technology sector and directly artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and technology to track and fight the pandemic. Many startups started an inseparable collaboration with clinicians, academics, and government entities around the world to activate technology as the virus continues to spread to many other countries. Here are several artificial intelligence and technology that are being used to manage and fight COVID-19.

Detecting, tracking and forecasting outbreaks with Artificial Intelligence.

The better we can track the virus, the better we can fight it. The news-review, examining social media and government reports, AI can learn to identify an outbreak. The Canadian startup BlueDot submitted tracking infectious disease risks by using AI. 

By the way, BlueDot’s AI issued a warning of the pandemic in China a few days before the World Health Organization.

AI is used to diagnose the virus. Artificial intelligence company Infervision released a coronavirus AI solution that allows front-line medical staff to identify and monitor the disease. The medical facilities were overloaded because of the virus. This solution improves the CT diagnosis speed.

Developing cures. Google’s DeepMind department used its latest AI algorithms and its computing power to examine the proteins that can be a part of the virus and published the results to help others develop treatments.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has also inspired several drug companies to use artificial intelligence-powered drug discovery platforms to search for possible cures. That process can involve using AI to find entirely new molecules that might be able to treat the pneumonia-like illness or searching through databases of already-approved drugs (for other illnesses) that might also work against COVID-19.

The way for robots and drones was paved the COVID-19

Meanwhile, robots are making interactions with and treatment of sick patients easier. Powerful monitoring tech — including facial recognition-enabled cameras and drones — is also helping find people who might be sick or who aren’t wearing masks.

Drones make medical items delivery. During the outbreak the drones usage is one of the safest and fastest ways to bring medical suppliers to the people who require them. Further, one company used its unmanned aerial vehicles to transport medical samples and quarantine material with minimal risk between the disease control center and the hospital in China. To patrol public spaces, track the breaking quarantine rules, and for thermal imaging that how drones were used.

Besides, these flying robots are used to transmit information to a wide area than traditional loudspeakers do. One more way drones are used to fight coronavirus is to spray disinfectant in public spaces. Through thermal sensing, drones are also helping officials with crowd management and to identify people with elevated body temperatures.

Robots as cleaners, food delivery service, and other roles. Robots are resistant to the virus, so it was decided to give them many tasks such as cleaning and sterilizing and delivering food and medicine to reduce the amount of human-to-human transmission. UVD Robots are roving robotic pods work by emitting ultraviolet light throughout an area, killing viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus. (The robots are remotely controlled by a device operated by a health worker.)

Robots are also confirming their value when delivering essential items to people who shop and purchase online and are quarantined at home.

There is no guarantee that robots and AI will save us, but they might help. Until then the old-fashioned methods of staying healthy help, too. So follow the CDC’s instructions for keeping yourself and your family healthy, such as washing your hands and staying at home.


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