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The startup Battlefield finalists at Disrupt 2020-2022

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An unusual event took place this week – a startup battle hosted by TechCrunch. This event was unique in that all attendees were in different locations and interacted through WebEx.  At this event, 20 startups presented their products and described how they see their further development. After that, the projects were discussed by experts, and the judges helped the TechCrunch team to select five finalists.


This fight’s finalists will be officially unveiled on September 19 at 10:40 am PT for a brand new judging lineup. To watch the event, head over to TechCrunch at this time. This panel of judges will have to select the winners who will take 1st and 2nd places. The winner will take home $ 100,000.

So who made the top five? Let’s get to know them better.


Canix specializes in cannabis sales software from seed to sale and ERP for cannabis growers, marijuana growers, and distributors. Its digital solution integrates seamlessly with conventional accounting software, and Metrc has been approved for inventory tracking requirements. More about Canix here.

Firehawk Aerospace

Firehawk Aerospace is a new startup that aims to build hybrid missiles. The idea of ​​rockets is not new, but with a stable, economical hybrid rocket fuel that uses additive manufacturing (industrial 3D printing), the company plans to overcome the obstacles and limitations in previous fuel engine designs. You can read more about Firehawk Aerospace here.


The company’s goal is to help small businesses raise awareness of email security. HacWare uses technology hosted on an email server and uses machine learning to analyze each message for risk. You can read more about HacWare here.


Jeffa is a digital bank for women who don’t have a bank account. The target audience is women in Latin America. It focuses on solving the problems women face when opening and managing a bank account. You can read more about Jeff here.


Matidor created a solution to keep projects and geospatial data in one place for consultants and engineers, and it is easy to track them. All professionals engaged in energy and environmental protection can benefit from a data visualization package that will help in communicating with customers.

We know how hard to start a new project. Startups often turn to us to help develop their projects because we help them face the unknown. Specifically,

  • teach startups to release MVPs and test the feature hypothesis with end-users 
  • do iterative development with better control over deadlines and budget
  • provide regular reporting on budget and progress of development to investors and boards
  • develop the prototypes that are reusable and scalable for further full project development to optimize budget expenses
  • overcome the fear of a fail and bring a startup project to success;
  • formulate and implement all ideas effectively;
  • help to make a quick decision;
  • act in an environment of uncertainty.

Startups usually have no expertise, knowledge of tech processes, and development cycles, so we are always ready to help and compensate for the lack of experience in software development. 

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