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Top 5 Best Grammarly Alternatives For Error Free Writing

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Even professional writers make mistakes, and it doesn’t matter if you have a college degree in linguistics or not, it can give you a little more grasp of grammar and style.

With an assistant like Grammarly, you can tackle any challenge as this writer app offers real-time spelling, grammar, and style changes and can even edit for specific genres. 

Unfortunately, you can only feel the full functionality of this application by paying for a subscription and being online. One of the drawbacks of the app is that there is no offline version, but all this is compensated by the fact that many platforms support the application, and it is quite easy to get started with it.

Are you considering whether to build an app like Grammarly or not? Many people all over the world use proofreading software that transforms their writing into a masterpiece.

It’s no secret that Grammarly is one of the best online grammar reviewers on the market. Artificial intelligence in complex with Powerful Word and Outlook integrations make it very useful for writers and authors. 

Before taking the Grammarly app as a reference, we recommend looking through our article, where we made a review of other tools out there that you might consider. To save you hours of research, we chose some of the best Grammarly alternatives are on the market.

  • Best alternative: ProWritingAid is a comprehensive grammar checker solution. It is a great tool that analyzes styles in text and makes suggestions for edits.
  • The second, Best overall: Ginger Software is a simple solution for all cases, its grammar, punctuation, and spells checker tool that quickly finds errors and corrects them, replacing misused words.
  • SEO alternative: Copywritely is a writing assistant for SEOs, marketers, and copywriters. Performs the same functions as Grammarly, but also performs text analysis and optimization from the SEO point of view, finding errors. By correcting all inaccuracies, you can get a better ranking.


What the core feature do you consider as the best?

So what is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a free tool that checks your writing for grammar and spelling mistakes and offers you to improve your text. This digital solution helps you avoid the situation where, after sending an email, you realize that you sent it with a mistake.

Now you don’t need to read your email a hundred times before sending it to proofread and improve. Grammarly does it for you and does it much better than the default spelling checkers offered by your operating system and browser.

The application works with many standard operating systems. It can also work as an extension for web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. It is also available as a standalone desktop application for Mac and Windows. But that’s not all; there is also a mobile version of this application for Android and iOS that can replace your default keyboard with Grammarly.

Grammarly Alternatives

In the free version, Grammarly can check up to 200 errors in your text. It also offers options for improving your writing style to convey the thought accurately and emotional color of the text you wanted to send.

With the Premium version, it provides you 250 more grammar checks, advanced plagiarism detection, and vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

What else?

Here are some points you might not know about the tool:

  • Its tool allows you to check text for errors according to over 400 grammar rules
  • The dashboard has a simple and intuitive dashboard where you can see all the recent documents you worked on, your profile, and the apps you have integrated with.
    Grammarly Alternatives
  • It uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to correct mistakes and find grammatical errors in a block of texts.
  • The app works great as an extension in the most used browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.
  • Include features like multiple device document access, performance stats, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and personal dictionary.

As we said earlier, although Grammarly is a really cool tool for checking text and semantic content, it is still worth taking into account the functions of its direct competitors to create a real masterpiece when creating your application.

List Of The Top Grammarly Alternatives

We made up a list of the top alternatives for Grammarly and the reasons why you should pay attention to their functionality. You may find a description of each solution in detail with its benefits and USPs.

#1 ProWritingAid is the editing, Plagiarism checker, Grammar checker, and Style editor solution for improving your English writing skills.


The software acts as your mentor or personal writing coach so that whenever you present yourself, you feel confident.

The best part is it works across all your favorite writing applications and websites, including Google Docs, Microsoft Outlook, Open Office, etc.


  • Detailed reports that include more than 20 different types of issues for analyzing your writing.
  • Integration with Microsoft suite, Google Chrome & Docs, Apache Open Office, Scrivener, etc.
  • Contextual Thesaurus report suggesting synonyms for each word in your text by allowing you to explore different wordings quickly.
  • Word explorer for finding the right words from various dictionaries.
  • Manuscript editing software for grammar checking helps find repeated words, context-sensitive style suggestions, and visualizing sentence lengths and variations.

The main disadvantage of this app is that the extension is provided only for Chrome and not for Safari, Firefox, or iOS.

#2 Ginger software that uses natural language processing helps improve written and speaking English skills and boosts writing productivity.

The digital solution enables you to write better using grammar checkers and punctuation tools that automatically find and correct mistakes. However, it works on different platforms like a Mobile app, Desktop app, Web application, etc.


  • It helps you write unique text and enhance the text with the Sentence Rephraser tool’s help.
  • Entertainment tools like Emoji and customizable themes for your keyboard.
  • Dictionary for never losing a word, Translator, so you never get halted, and a Personal trainer to improve your English skills.
  • Grammar rules to ensure if your writing is accurate and proofreading for checking mistakes with a single tap.

Looking for a reliable team to build a robust Grammarly like app??

#3 Unlike the other listed tools, Copywritely is created for a specific purpose, namely creating SEO-optimized content. It analyzes your content and offers suggestions on improving it for both people and search engines. It checks your text for both grammar and spelling mistakes. 

The core advantage of this tool is that it analyzes your competitor’s content and offers suggestions so you can get a better-optimized text for search engines. It also provides dozens of built-in task templates to outsource your writing to freelance copywriters. As well as Grammarly checks the text for plagiarism.

One of the best parts is that you can analyze your content for keyword density to avoid algorithmic penalties from Google. So it is possible to detect keyword stuffing and improve your keyword targeting ratios. 


  • It helps you create content that is loved by both people and search engines.
  • One of the easiest ways to optimize your content for search engines without losing the quality.
  • It offers suggestions to fix grammar and spelling mistakes. 

#4 Sapling is an application primarily aimed at corporate clients that checks grammar and has an artificial intelligence-based assistant. 60% more effective at checking linguistic errors than other spelling and grammar checking tools. Uses machine learning systems (which in turn have been trained on millions of English sentences).

This app can work as a browser extension for all your text-based web apps and business platforms like Gmail, Salesforce Lightning, and Zendesk. Autocomplete can also help improve your writing efficiency.


  • It can work as a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.
  • Extensions for Outlook, Google Docs, Google Slides.
  • Learns and creates patterns based on your actions.
  • Team configuration and management.


  • Not compatible with iOS and Android mobile platforms.
  • There is no extension for Safari.

#5 WhiteSmoke is an excellent tool for writing texts in English. Finds mistakes by learning from user interaction and increases the level of knowledge. It is also worth noting that it uses AI-assisted natural language processing and various algorithms to parse texts, detect errors, and suggest text alternatives.


  • Finds errors and provides additional information on each of them.
  • Updates are released regularly that improve user experience.
  • Uses innovative technologies, natural language processing technology, and artificial intelligence.
  • Helps you create flawless content with a grammar checker, spell checker, style checker, punctuation checker, and translator.

Disadvantage: Poor customer support.

We made a table where you can quickly see details about compatibility with the operating system for a quick and easy comparison; for those browsers, there is an extension, and so on.

Tool Name

DevicesBrowser ExtensionDeploymentSuitable For

Free Plan/Trial

Pricing Model

GrammarlyWindows, Android, Mac, iOS, Web-based.Available for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.Cloud-hostedMulti-tasker & beginnerFree PlanMonthly & annually
ProWritingWindows, Mac and web-based.Available for Chrome, Safari, and FirefoxCloud-hosted, on-premise & open API.For every writerFree PlanAnnually & quote based
SaplingWindows, Mac and Web-based.Available for Chrome, Edge and FirefoxCloud-hosted & on-premiseBusiness TeamsFree PlanMonthly
WhiteSmokeWindows, Android, Mac, iOS, Web-basedAvailable for ChromeCloud-hosted & on-premiseFor time saverNo Free Plan/TrialMonthly, annually & quote based
GingerWindows, Android, Mac, iOS, Web-basedAvailable for Chrome, Safari, and FirefoxCloud-hosted & on-premiseMulti-taskerFree PlanMonthly & annually
Because this application works with many standard operating systems that help cover a large audience. It can also work as an extension for web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. It is also available as a standalone desktop application for Mac and Windows. But that's not all; there is also a mobile version of this application for Android and iOS that can replace your default keyboard with Grammarly.
Grammarly's products are powered by an advanced system that combines rules, patterns, and artificial intelligence techniques like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing to improve your writing.
An illiterate letter to a partner or customer can significantly damage the reputation. But having checked the spelling and punctuation in it, as it turned out, you can make it available to the general public. Not so long ago, a serious vulnerability was discovered in the Grammarly service designed to search for errors in English text, which allowed outsiders to obtain user authorization tokens using a simple script - and, accordingly, access to their documents. But this drawback was quickly identified and eliminated. Therefore, security is essential in any app development.


We consider Grammarly like one of the best for accessible writing and eliminating grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

All tools mentioned above offer a free version for testing by users. We advise testing at least one or two alternatives from this list to determine preferable options for your future digital solution. Remember that it should be available for both webs and as a standalone desktop application. So if you want to develop a tool that will be in demand, consider many factors, make a marketing research, perform a discovery phase, and find a skilled development team to create a successful app.


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