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TOP Augmented Reality App Ideas

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At first glance it seems like AR app is useless nowadays. You need a lot of hardware in order for AR glasses to work: a battery, camera, processing power, memory, and preferably additional sensors. That’s why they are so bulky now. Just look at Microsoft Hololens. Obviously, such technology doesn’t fit consumer market needs.

So why do VC funds and private investors put their money into such app development? The reason is they are playing a long-term game. 8 out of 10 investors are not expecting near-life results from their developers.

Nowadays, AR startups are growing from mobile devices, and test it on glasses. This is an efficient approach because once the portable AR glasses tech will be available, they will simply port their app to the new platform.

Thus, the competition in AR apps now is not about image perfection, but creativity. The better your idea of AR application (and UI/UX execution) the more likely it will interest Augmenter Reality specialized VC funds.

Here’re top AR app ideas and application we haven’t seen been properly executed yet.

  1. Objects Identification
  2. Product Reviews Check
  3. Geotagged Notifications
  4. Urban Modeling
  5. AR Drawing App
  6. Augmented Task Management Tools
  7. AR technology for searching products in store

Objects Identification

ar app example identify

Take three ingredients: computer vision technology, AI, and Wikipedia’s database. Tie them together, and voilà! You’ve just created a comprehensive AR handbook to all the stuff that exists in our universe.

There are at least a dozen of applications for such object identification app. To start with the hyperlinks for all the products we own: CDs, beer cans, groceries, gadgets, pharmacy. Add to this urban objects, street signs, and coffee shops, and you have a perfect reference book for living.

Product Reviews Check

AR compare app

This is a particular use case of AR hyperlinks application. By using this technology the user could check the reviews on the products with just a mere glimpse. The app can also display ratings and compare products. The examples of augmented reality for review check was first proposed by Luke Wroblewski.

Geotagged Notifications

ar app example notification

AR can be bound with the geolocation technology. It can be used to place notification in micro-locations. You can develop an app to attach do, comments, and subscription buttons to certain objects or places.

For example, you can leave comments on electricity transformers, solar panels, pipes, inside the server’s infrastructure. This would allow support specialists to get back to work without additional orientation.


On the other hand, eCommerce platforms like Amazon can attach refill buttons to the products they sell, so the customers could easily order new items. Just like Amazon Dash Button.

Urban Modeling

We have to be more innovative to deal with environmental challenges of modern society. Pollution and Global warming are such challenges the government institutions are interested in.

Here’s an example from MIT that used Lego blocks and Augmented Reality to perform urban modeling simulation. The degree of visualization, backed by AR, allowed engineers to find new efficient ways of neighborhoods planning.

AR Drawing App

The potential of such app is compared to the invention of writing itself. Google is successfully experimenting with such tools (Just a Line and Tilt Brush), but haven’t come up with the universal application yet.

just-a-line-appAs you might think, AR drawing app opens hundreds of use cases. Here’s just a few of them:

  • Replacement of blackboard/whiteboard.
  • Antivandal street art and graffiti.
  • Digital signs.
  • Advertising.
  • Local signs in AR space.

Augmented Task Management Tools

What if we could go beyond the screen? Where your digital world is blended with your real world. It would enable us to share our work more easily and visualize our projects in three-dimensional space.

The revolutionary new way to examine the project would enable managers to better understand their projects. Such tool can help you discover new task dependencies by looking at it from multiple perspectives.

AR technology shows how you can search for products in store

That’s it for now.


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