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How Tourism Business Can Revive After Coronavirus?


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Tourism was probably the most popular and profitable business of the decade before the spread of coronavirus. Thousands of travel bloggers shared their experience using social media. They posted pictures on Instagram and Facebook, uploaded videos to YouTube, created blogs and advertised numerous airlines and travel agencies. 

Not so long ago many companies were so loaded with work that they could not deal with the huge influx of people eager to buy tours or looking for special discounted offers. But everything changed because of COVID-19. The authorities of numerous countries all over the world put their citizens in quarantine, the airspace got locked and various tours were cancelled as well. 

This total isolation influenced all travel companies without any exceptions. Business owners count their losses and people are temporarily left without their jobs. But we all understand that this situation will not stay forever. The coronavirus will be beaten, the quarantine will be over and people hungry for adventures will start visiting different corners of the planet again. And all travel business owners should get ready for this. 

According to Statista the spendings for global leisure tourism will reach 5,130 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2020. And this number is going to grow further. Apart from leisure tourism we should not forget about business one which is also quite profitable. 

The bright days of tourism are ahead and the current situation with pandemic will not ruin this business industry. Yes, there will be losses and complications, there will be temporarily halt in many processes but if business owners use this time wisely, they can improve the work of their travel companies and attract more satisfied customers. Wondering how this can be done? Then let’s proceed to this question right away! 

Software optimization can be a real game-changer 

As a business owner you should not wait till hard times will pass doing nothing at all. You can spend this so-called “travel pause” to optimize your business and go digital. If we ask you “What is the most popular thing people nowadays carry with them everywhere and use to do everything?” You would guess that we are referring to a mobile device. It is an inseparable part of our life as well as all applications we use. So if you still do not have your own travel app this should be on your agenda. 

Digitalization is a huge trend of this decade that cannot be ignored. If you catch the wave and create something fresh and unique, your business will be able reach a new level. Think about your clients and how you can make their experience better and faster. It can be an app for organizing a trip, booking flight tickets or apartments abroad. It can be an app for connecting a tourist with a local guide or building the most interesting route for sightseeing. There are many ideas and tech trends you can consider like voice technology, VR, Internet of Things,artificial intelligence, etc. We have described them and how they can be used while creating travel applications  in one of our previous articles that you can read here.


Already have a travel app idea in mind?


It’s also necessary to think about your employees. From day to day travel agents have to deal with a huge load of papers or enter manually personal data about each client in a document on a computer. They spend many hours  on routine tasks and as the result do not have enough energy to provide high-quality service and consultation to your clients. To unload your employees a little bit and to optimize routine processes you can consider developing your own custom CRM, some cloud-based solution for more convenient access to the data, software for managing and training your staff, etc. There can be many variants that will suit your particular company needs.  

To conclude 

Although the current situation with coronavirus outbrake and quarantine is not favourable for tourism business, you should not give up or stay inactive. Every business is about the future, the opportunities you can get if you take a step. And now is high time to do this and start optimizing your business. If you consider digitalization you will definitely be ready for travel revival and make your company stand out! 


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