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Tutoring App Like Uber

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Own a tutoring agency or provide personal educational services? Think about making the app that allows ordering a tutor. Offering language courses or other educational services, you may easily find new employees and clients, using the app to provide tutoring services on-demand.

If your company delivers tutoring on demand and you want to optimize and enhance your marketing strategy, you should make an app to improve your business. Uber for tutors will be the quickest way to get you more customers and the best way for your customers to get tutors in no time. 

To have your own app is a good thing for the status of your business. And, it is sure as hell effective to advertise your business in AppStore or GooglePlay 

Uber For Tutor

Don’t be afraid of competition because your app will be effective with even as few as 100 clients. You start by working with your existing customer base and then you will get more clients thanks to optimization.

Your users will be able to sort tutors by disciplines and your platform will be able to provide freelance tutors with stable workload from your clients. It is cheaper than paying your in-house hired workers and it offers your clients a rich opportunity to choose from a vast selection of available tutors in a much wider area.

As a provider of this software you are going be an intermediary between the clients in need of tutors and tutors, using your app (essentially, working for you, but better because freelance workers are easier to maintain than hired full-time in-house employees). 

User-attractive features of the Uber-like app for tutors:

  • Time estimation – lesson start and end time
  • Price estimation – what clients pay, what tutors get, your fee
  • Rapid tutor deployment – to save time and effort and get things done ASAP
  • Booking & scheduling – to guarantee providing clients with a tutor in advance
  • Payment gateway – to get clients pay with Paypal or Stripe in a couple clicks and to pay freelance workers their share
  • Tracing order status
  • Categories (language tutors, math tutors, design tutors, etc)
  • Rating system and recommendations (best tutors, best budget tutors, premium teachers, etc)

App for tutors has the potential to become a niche job board attracting tutors and clients. You may potentially grow your business to an unlimited extent. And it is true that developing your own app is a great way to start implementing a growth strategy.


Would you like a tutor on-demand app?

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