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Uber for Cargo: Delivery Has Never Been Easier

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Connect track drivers and cargo owners through simple and straightforward mobile app. Imagine a mobile application that will allow delivery of products and heavy loads all over the world for a fraction of the price that it costs now.

This app may become a win-win solution both for car drivers, companies and clients, who need to deliver products to their customers. Such app can hugely intensify logistics and commerce. First of all, this is possible due to the high flexibility that comes with Uber for Cargo app.

Secondly, this app may become a fine addition to the existing logistics system. It can work as an efficiency/optimization system that finds a place for extra cargo and your track fleet operate at 100% capacity. You can get several more loads on the day of delivery, or organize routing in such manner to run track all the time full, even when returning to a starting point.

Best Features to add to your Cargo Delivery App

The development of any application is quite time consuming and it requires a team of professionals. It is not enough to create a well-functioning app, it is way more important to make it visually appealing and add some top features to attract many users ans make them stay. Since we have experience in building Uber like applications, we can help you with picking the best features that all users need. So when developing your Uber for cargo, make sure these features will be added:

  • Package Tracking – What can be better than an ability to check the location of your delivery in a real time? If you add package tracking feature, your users and companies will be able to track their deliveries and know exactly where their package is.
  • Track Capacity Calculator –  Track loading should be planned ahead and carefully calculated. The trucks should not drive half-empty as this increases transportation expenses.  So such feature as capacity calculator will automatically find a suitable cargo on the route and will help to fill in the track to 100% load.
  • Driver Standing – Provide users with the search option, so they could find the most trustworthy courier. It would be even better to add the feature allowing to leave an honest feedback about courier’s services and rate them.
  • Routing System – This feature makes logistics more efficient.  If you implement smart route optimization algorithm this will allow to save a great deal of money and improve delivery speed and services quality.

How much does it cost?

To make an app like Uber for cargo you need to hire a team of many specialists. Not only developers will participate in your app making process but also the designers, business analysts, project managers, testers. The development process is quite complex, it requires numerous hours of work and dedication. Each professional we mentioned has an hourly rate that is set taking into account the expertise and set of skills they posses.

Based on our experience, we can say that usually the price for app aimed to provide transportation services (i.e. Uber for cargo) starts from $30 K per one platform (either iOS or Android). But this is not the end price, actually it can increase, depending on the developers company you are going to choose. F.e. our company has ready-made developed modules at our disposal, as well as extensive experience in making such applications. So as you understand our prices are lower than the ones offered by other software developers. We may build and deliver your own on-demand app with the unique design made specifically for your business for only about $10 K.

We have been developing Uber for cargo applications for a long time. And thanks to this we’ve accumulated a huge base of knowledge, expertise, and even ready-made MVP. Using such modules, we can reduce your app cost down to the most affordable on the market.


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