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Uber for Cryptocurrency: Marketplace, Exchange or Sharing App IDEAS

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Our team get many app development requests and found them to be slightly vague. At the moment we have a couple of different scenarios what functionality such app can have. Please tell us which one looks like your idea so that we could stick to it during the estimation of your project.

Uber for Cryptocurrency App Ideas

  • This will be Uber-like app with a possibility for a user to make payments (for provided services) with cryptocurrency (bitcoins in this case).
  • This will be a stock marketplace where the users will be able to purchase-sell bitcoins aka crypto-exchange?
  • Exchange of computer power, which allows you to rent and lease hardware for blocking or calculating currencies.
  • The credit exchange in which it is possible to take into loans crypto-currencies.

We can have a call to discuss the functionality in more details, otherwise, you can send the explanations to this email: Or read more about other Cryptocurrency App Ideas in order to better refine your idea first.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Uber Cryptocurrency App?

In order to give you the rough estimation of your project, we`ll need to know a bit more about your idea than its name. Here are a few questions by answering which you’ll give us a better understanding of your idea and will make the estimation more precise:

  • What is the purpose of Uber Blockchain app?
  • Who will be the users of the app?
  • What services/products will be sold there? (if there be any)
  • Did you do the market research? Would this app have competitors? Name them (if exist).
  • Could you provide a more advanced explanation of the functionality of the app?

We can have a call to discuss the functionality in more details, otherwise, you can send the answers in form:

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