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Uber for Drones: Easy Drone Renting Service

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Uber for Drones: App for easy Pilots Hiring and Drone Rent

World Drone Market is Expected to grow over $127 billion by 2020. Over last 5 years, it shows positive grows. Such rise of the industry and high demand is explained by the diverse potential of drones. They could be applied nearly in any industry, thus expected to sustain high demand.

Top 10 Uber for Drones Areas

  1. Recreational Use
  2. Aerial Photography & Videography
  3. Mapping
  4. Science and Research
  5. Search and Rescue
  6. Security & Surveillance
  7. Precision Agriculture
  8. Cargo Systems
  9. Construction
  10. Mining

Still, the drone market is pretty young, unexplored sector with its own inner technical specifics and variables. That is why the distance between end users/companies and drone manufacturers and owners is pretty big. No matter how easy the learning curve and how easy it is to become a drone pilot, there are still two sides on the market: those with drones, and those who know nothing about them.

Uber for drones is called to eliminate this distance between demand and supply. The app is called to unite the market and allow companies and individuals to apply all the benefits of drones in their businesses at low-cost and without big investments.

Uber for Drones App Features

  • Flight Registration – Some activities may require from users to comply with official country rules. Your app may facilitate this process.
  • Payment Gateway – PayPal, Stripe or any other payment method you may prefer.
  • Flight Schedules – Rent a drone or hire a pilot for a specified date and time, this feature will help companies to plan their drone activities in advance.
  • Extended Pilot Profiles – Some industries may require from drone pilots to have specific certificates and skill sets. This tab will help companies to hire the appropriate pilot for their mission.
  • Drones Market – Intensify user activity inside of your app, allow companies and individuals to buy drones they liked and already used.

How much does drone software development cost?

To make an Uber for Drones App you need designers, developers, business analysts, project managers, and hard work by many professionals. Usually price for such Drones Apps starts from 30K per one platform (iOS or Android ) and it can increase, depending on the company you will choose. However, as we have ready-made developed modules as well as extensive experience making such applications, our prices are lower. We may deliver your own on-demand app with unique design developed specifically for your Drones Business for only about 10K.

We have been developing Drones Applications for a long time. Thanks to this we accumulated a huge base of knowledge, expertise, and even ready-made MVP. Using such modules, we reduce app cost down to the most affordable on the market.


Want to Develop an Uber for Drones?

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