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Uber for Home: Provide Household Services Easily


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Every house or apartment needs some regular works like cleaning, fixing, minor painting, and so on. But keeping your home clean requires time and pretty often that’s not a chore you are happy to do. There is always a need for minor maintenance works not to mention some emergencies like pipe bursts or electrical short circuits. And what average house owners tend to do? Well, they start searching for telephones of various service providers, surf through numerous websites and lose a lot of precious time. 

Thanks to the Internet it became easier to find any specialist you need, however this procedure can be made even more fast and easy. If you are wondering how this can be done, the answer is simple – home service providers need mobile presence. An application can unite people looking for specialists and qualified service providers, making their communication and cooperation easier. Thanks to on-demand home service apps people will not need  to keep telephone numbers of plumbers and electricians at their hand. One household service app will suffice to meet all house owners needs.

How to develop your own Uber for home? 

The main idea of an app like Uber for home is to provide affordable household services. After downloading this kind of application, a user should be able to get access to different categories of services, such as the following:

  • home cleaning,
  • painting works,
  • fixing or assembling,
  • plumbing,
  • electrical works.   

Let’s take a look at the real successful example. It is called TAKL and it is one of the top apps in the category of on-demand home services. In TAKL you can register as a customer or provider of services, easily navigate through options within the app and choose whatever you need from a well-organized list. You will find there such services as house cleaning, appliance installation, delivery, moving, furniture assembly, lawn mowing, junk removal, handyman chores or even staying in line. The prices for each available service are fixed and there is no need to wait for the estimation. So a customer chooses the service provider, the time at which the work needs to be done, makes in-app payment and that’s it. The easiest way to make your home a better and cleaner place. 

So as you’ve already understood, any Uber for home should let people create an account, add all necessary info regarding the job or skills, book services and pay for them in a convenient way. The only problem about such on-demand apps is that not all the services are available in all areas. But it can be good news for those who are considering developing an Uber-like app in their region because the demand for minor household services will always be high. 


Want to develop your own app for on-demand services?

What features should you consider adding? 

So clearly your on-demand app for home services should be convenient for both service providers and people hiring them. Based on our experience we’ve made a list of the most useful features any Uber for home should offer. Here they are: 

  • Advanced search with filters. This will allow both customers and service providers to find a perfectly fitting opportunity. Filters can reduce time spent on searching for the right specialist of a job. So in case of urgent necessity your app users will be able to quickly find whatever specialist they need. 
  • Option to schedule services. Since Uber for home can be an app for locals, it is preferable to add a scheduling option. Because there can be a limited number of gig workers available to do a certain kind of job, it would be better to book their services beforehand. 
  • Convenient payment method. We would recommend implementing the fastest and most convenient payment methods like Paypal or Stripe. You users can instantly pay for the services in one click and be sure that the work will start when they need. This creates a positive user experience. 
  • Reviews. Since there is no way to check the skills of the person you are hiring, the only thing your customers can rely on are comments and reviews written by the real users. So ratings and feedbacks are essential! 
  • Chatting tool. An ability to connect and communicate with the necessary specialist at once would also be appreciated by your app users (in case there is any urgent issue or a person just wants to make sure that everything will be done properly or discuss some important things related to job). 

Need an advice regarding features for your Uber for home?

Is it expensive to build your own on-demand app?

Uber for home is a holistic solution and it should be of a high quality. Therefore you need a team of qualified specialists to build it for you. As the development cycle is a complex procedure, you will need a range of tech takes starting with developers and  testers and ending with designers and business analysts. Each specialist does an important part of a job to build your app from scratch.

Usually software development companies offer the discovery stage (market research), full development cycle, UI and UX design and of course software maintenance. Every qualified specialist has an hourly rate. So the cost of your app will depend on its complexity, set of desired features and development hours. 

On average the price for Uber for home starts from $30K per one platform (iOS or Android) and it can increase, depending on the company you will choose. However, there is a way to reduce your costs. F.e. you can choose a company which has ready-made developed modules as well as extensive experience in making similar applications.


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