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Transporting Kids to School with Uber for Kids

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Big cities often force parents to seek school for their children far from home. But there may be a problem in driving your kids to school every single day. Especially if you’re working parent.

Just as there is an Uber for grown-ups, why not to make an Uber for kids. Such app may hugely help a parent to find a suitable driver for a kid and ensure that their child will get to school safe and on time.

Pew Research Center study, “56% of working parents with children under the age of 18 find it difficult to balance work and family responsibilities”. Plus, roughly 4 out of 10 working mothers say that they always feel rushed.

The service may effectively replace existing school transportation system and help parents keep their kids safe. In addition, Uber for kids can be used to find travel companions and cooperate between families in order to save their money and time.


Have an idea how to build a unique Uber for Kids?


How to develop your own Uber for Kids App?

First thing you should do before contacting a  software development company and ask them to build your application is to collect an information. You need to find out who your potential users are, what features they might need, what application design would be the best option. Market research is what helps to shape your idea and understand what your end product should look like. To help you with that, we have thought about a couple of the most required features any Uber for kids should have. Here they are:

  • Live tracking – This feature will keep tracking kids’ smartphones until they are at school. All parents would appreciate such a feature as it will help them to check the location and make sure that their kids are exactly where they should be. The pre-estimated route is already shown on the map. So, any deviation in the location of the vehicle can be easily identified. Parents can optionally share the location with relatives/friends via a link.
  • Search   A live map of your area will be displayed to you. There you will see all the available drivers nearby. The type of cars will also be displayed to you. You can choose the drivers and the type of cars from the map.
  • Profile and license details of the driver will be mapped to you. Feedback and ratings of the driver are also shown to ensure the credibility of the driver.
  • Safety – The app may allow parents to create a code word for drivers to say when picking up the child. 
  • Alert Button – Just in case let there be an alert button on kid’s apps, that will immediately notify parents or police (optionally) in case of emergency. 
  • At School / I’m Home – It would be a good idea to add to your app a system able to notify parents once their kid got to school or back home.
  • Find a Companion – This feature enables search for parents whose kids attend the same school. It would be less disturbing for parents to entrust the transportation of a kid if somebody else’s kid is taking that ride too. Moreover, it is a great way for parents to reduce transportation expenses. 

  • Back-up driver – If a driver is running late or experiences a flat tire, the safe ride support team will notify the parent, the school if necessary, and send a back-up driver to transport the child if needed.

We overviewed interesting and useful functions from the point of the customer’s view. Now let’s talk about advantages for app owner:

  1. Control everything. You can supervise all the trips, manage cab bookings, monitor routes, provide live assistance, etc all from one center through kid taxi software.
  2. Live data & push notification. Customers will get a notification at a short interval of time after the ride starts. Also you can use push notification for advertising, promoting your app and remind about your company if the customer did use your app for certain period of time.
  3. Filters & Advanced analytics tools. Apply filters & view analytics for finished bookings on your Uber for Kids app.
  4. Accounting. Complete earnings, commission per ride and driver’s earnings are managed under one roof. So you don’t need to keep different apps for every operation. 
  5. Reviews and ratings. The admin can set the rating threshold for drivers and terminate the driver license whom rating falls below the threshold.

How much does it cost?

To make an app like Uber for kids you need to hire a team of many specialists. Not only developers will participate in your app making process but also the designers, business analysts, project managers, testers. The development process is quite complex, it requires numerous hours of work and dedication. Each professional we mentioned has an hourly rate that is set taking into account the expertise and set of skills they posses.

Based on our experience, we can say that usually the price for app aimed to provide transportation services (i.e. Uber for kids) starts from $60 K per one platform (either iOS or Android). But this is not the end price, actually it can increase, depending on the developers company you are going to choose. F.e. our company has ready-made developed modules at our disposal, as well as extensive experience in making such applications. So as you understand our prices are lower than the ones offered by other software developers.

We have been developing Uber for kids applications for a long time. And thanks to this we’ve accumulated a huge base of knowledge, expertise, and even ready-made MVP. Using such modules, we can reduce your app cost down to the most affordable on the market.


Need a team to build your Uber for kids?

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