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Uber for Laundry

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Do you own a laundry business? Consider extending your reach via mobile app to satisfy your customers and increase revenues. Having an app is no longer an option, since more and more business owners each year decide to go with this decision. For example, has an app with more than 100 000 registered users. It is exactly such routine tasks as laundry that can benefit from digital optimization. You can grab a bigger market share outrunning your competitors, bringing in new customers, and advertising your business successfully in AppStore or GooglePlay.

In our day and age clients want to get services as fast as possible. And it is better for business because it leaves less time for a client to change his mind or find service elsewhere. Using the app like Uber to get a ride in a matter of minutes is a strategy that can be applied to any kind of business which delivers services.

Benefits of launching Uber-like laundry app:

  • Wider advertisement
  • Improved client experience
  • Standing out among competitors
  • Orders are processed faster with just a couple clicks

Life in the 21st century has a motto – the easier, the better. Uber-like laundry app optimizes procession of your orders to save you and to save time of your clients.  

You start with your current clients who install the app to simplify the whole process. Then, you grow your business because you will be the only one among competitors to have your own app. You already established your reputation. Now, let your exclusive app extend the reach of your grasp. 


I'd like my laundry business to have an app

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