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The main idea of any Uber-like app is to connect customers and third-party providers. The global success of Uber taxi service that connected passengers and drivers, made a start to the rise of the so-called uberized economy or on-demand economy.

So this article would be about Uber for logistics and not about other services because logistics is crucial for numerous industries all over the world. And it is possible to create a solution able to address some important logistics matters. The main purpose of logistics is to supervise the goods and manage their timely transportation and delivery. Uber for Logistics is an on-demand solution able to connect drivers who provide logistics services and clients who need to deliver their packages. 

How to build your own Uber for logistics? 

Uber for logistics can be an equally great solution for both service providers and customers especially taking into account that it can be used on a device that is always at your hand. So basically customers will be able to register in the application and search for a logistic company that provides its services located nearby. It will be possible to get in contact with a logistic service provider, describe all needs and requirements and book services in a couple of clicks. As for the business owners, they can increase revenue of their logistics companies by using on-demand applications. 

A good example of a successful logistics app can be found in China with its high demand in the delivery of everything. A Chinese track app Huochebang or “Track Gangs” works with 3.7 million of tracks and is now valued at $1 billion. Taking into account that home delivery trend gets more popular each year, we can say that their revenue can grow at least at 30% as well as the number of tracks involved.

As we can see, it is highly important to find a niche in high demand and third-party providers that will satisfy this demand by a reasonable and mutually beneficial price. A perfect logistics on-demand app would have all the features of a classic Uber app and the concept of Houchebang, all-in-one app.

Now as to the features that you should consider when developing your own Uber for logistics. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Well-organized profiles and search. Both categories of users (i.e. drivers and clients) should be able to create a profile in the app and insert the most crucial information regarding their requirements and services. It would make the search for a corresponding job and service providers easier.
  • Option to upload documentation. If you are dealing with transportation, then you definitely have loads of documents and insurances. And by ordering on-demand services clients should be able to add some necessary files related to transported goods.
  • Route tracking. This will allow clients to check if everything goes fine and whether their delivery was transported to the necessary destination and received. Real time location would also be needed.
  • Scheduling. It would be more convenient for both clients and drivers to schedule the delivery beforehand. Add an option to choose the preferred date and time of the delivery and check whether the driver is available.
  • Convenient payment system. Online payment methods are now used more often to complete transactions. So integrate PayPal, Stripe or any other payment gateway that will make paying for services effortless.
  • Chatting. This option will allow to discuss all crucial details regarding the transportation and understand whether this or that service provider meets your requirements better.
  • Review. To let all clients understand whether the services of a certain provider are good it would be better to have a chance to leave an honest feedback and rate the driver.
  • Push notifications. Although many users consider them to be annoying in case with the delivery push notifications are a must. They can convey an important information regarding the delivery and payments.

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How much does it cost?

Usually the price for such Logistics on-demand apps starts from $30K per one platform (iOS or Android) and it can increase, depending on the feature set and overall app complexity. Also the company you will choose plays an important role. The developers, designers, testers and business analysts tend to have different hourly rates. Also if you develop your Uber for logistics from scratch it would cost you way more than the app developed using ready-made modules. Usually the companies like ours which have ready-made developed modules as well as extensive experience in making such applications, can make your solution at lower prices. 


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