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Uber for Maids: The Best App for Cleaning Industry

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Nowadays we can order everything. So why not make an app that delivers maid services? If you work in cleaning industry and want to optimize and enhance your marketing strategy, you should make an app to improve your business. Uber for maids will be the quickest way to clean your house after a party or in case of emergency. 

To have your own app is a good thing for the status of your business. It also saves your clients a lot of time. And, it is sure as hell effective to advertise your business in AppStore or GooglePlay. 

For example, has more than 10 000 users. It offers a variety of services that clients can order in just a few clicks via the app. 

You shouldn’t be afraid of competition because your app will be effective with even as few as 100 clients. First, you work with your existing client base and then it is going to grow thanks to optimization.

like that
Uber for Cleaning: On-Demand Dry Cleaning Services

How to develop your own Uber for maids?

The development of any application is quite time consuming and it requires a team of professionals. It is not enough to create a well-functioning app, it is way more important to make it visually appealing and add some top features to attract many users. Since we have experience in building Uber like applications, we can help you with picking the best features that all users need. So when developing your Uber for maids, make sure these features will be added:

  • Time estimation – the people who are going to clean the house should be able to plan their time and the clients who ordered cleaning should be able to take a look at the estimations. That is exactly what this feature is for. 
  • Price estimation – if you order cleaning services you definitely want to know how much money you will need to pay in the end. So a tool allowing not only to estimate but also to set payment for a certain kind of works is a must. 
  • Rapid maid deployment – this feature is a real finding for those who wish to save their time and effort and get things done as soon as possible. 
  • Booking & scheduling – if your users haven’t planned to order cleaning services beforehand, then it can be a bit stressful if it turns out that there are no maids available. To avoid such situations and make services better, it is important to implement a feature allowing to check if there are any available cleaning specialists. 
  • Payment gateway – implement the fastest and most convenient payment methods like Paypal or Stripe so that your users can pay in a couple clicks.
  • Tracing order status – the users will be able to check everything easily.

People use their phones every minute and they want to order a maid in just a couple of clicks, with their phone. Help them by eliminating the need for calls, order status checks, troublesome paying methods, etc. Pack your maid services in your app and let your clients feel the best customer experience thanks to smart and smooth optimization of the order process. You may even distinguish yourself among competitors or hire freelance maids, working for you through the app. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination because software development allows millions of clever must-have business solutions.

Is it expensive to develop Uber-like app? 

As you’ve already understood, not only one specialist will be involved in your app development. You will need to hire designers, developers, testers and business analysts to make your idea a reality. Each of these specialists has an hourly rate that differs according to the skills and experience this or that specialist has. In general an application like Uber for Maids costs around $30 K.

This is a great deal of money, especially if this is your first project and you need to count all risks. However, you should not give up your idea or entrust it to some unreliable freelancers, as some software development companies are able to reduce the price greatly. F.e. here in GBKSOFT we have ready-made modules and posses a huge experience in building Uber-like apps. Therefore we can develop your own Uber for Maids for only $10 K. Your app will have all necessary features, its design will be visually appealing and it will be maintained.


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