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Uber for Planes: How to Book Private Jet Flights

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Flying with friends on private jets have been a luxury service available only for top 10% of the world. Still, this paradigm gradually changes. The first steps in the flight-sharing industry were made by small airlines that rent private aircraft vessels for scheduled flights on short distances.

JetSuiteX, one of the pioneers in jet flights, currently has three terminal in Las Vegas Burbank and Mammoth Yosemite Airport. It offers flights on private jets without waiting lines, strict registration and security checks. Basically, you get in the terminal and off you go, which costs you about $200 per ticket. Surf Air offers a similar aviation service in Europe.

On the other hand, there is JetSmarter app. It offers luxury private jet flights and searches for air shuttles. While this app offers reasonable prices it is basically a booking tool for business travelers. Not bad, if you target a specific audience.

Development of on-demand private jet booking app will get you into the high-profitable flight industry in Los Angeles and other regions. The best part of this app is a stable income it can provide. Uber for plane business-model may secure high fees from each ticket purchase.

How to build your Uber for Planes?

If you came up with the idea to develop your own Uber for planes, the first thing you should take into account is the preferable set of features your potential users might like. We have explored this question and collected top features any great application for booking private jet flights should offer. Here is what we got:

  • Flight Registration – You are dealing with the luxury niche and probably with business people. So on-the-go registration feature is what many of them would appreciate. It allows to save time greatly and helps to reduce company expenses on personnel. It is an advanced self-service that people are used to these days. 
  • Payment Gateway – PayPal, Stripe or any other payment method would be the best choice. If your business is small, these two methods would suit you perfectly because they are not expensive and do not take long to set up. You will be able to accept payments from around the world and the transactions will be safe. 
  • Flight Schedules – Clear and simple timetable is a must for any transportation company. You do not want to confuse your potential users with the complex and tangled charts, so make sure you choose the most convenient section for checking flights timetable. 
  • Charter a Whole Jet – Special offer like this may create buzz around your application, attract valuable customers and help to rise the monetization potential of your app in whole.
  • Flight Upgrades – This feature will supply your app with additional monetization option as well.

How much does it cost?

To make an app like Uber for Planes you need to hire a team of many specialists. Not only developers will participate in your app making process but also the designers, business analysts, project managers, testers. The development process is quite complex, it requires numerous hours of work and dedication. Each professional we mentioned has an hourly rate that is set taking into account the expertise and set of skills they posses.

Based on our experience, we can say that usually the price for app aimed to book flights on private jets (i.e. Uber for Planes) starts from $30 K per one platform (either iOS or Android). But this is not the end price, actually it can increase, depending on the developers company you are going to choose. F.e. our company has ready-made developed modules at our disposal, as well as extensive experience in making such applications. So as you understand our prices are lower than the ones offered by other software developers. We may build and deliver your own on-demand app with the unique design made specifically for your Planes Business for only about $10 K.

We have been developing Uber for Planes Applications for a long time. And thanks to this we’ve accumulated a huge base of knowledge, expertise, and even ready-made MVP. Using such modules, we can reduce your app cost down to the most affordable on the market.


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