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Developing App Like Uber for Tutoring


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Software can’t hurt anybody. On the contrary, the benefits of going digital are many and they are all proven. This is a fact. Are you in education business? Do you provide courses, lectures, private lessons to people that require tutoring? On demand tutor app development is your right choice because the easier it is for your clients to order a tutor, the better. It can be done if you have a tutoring app like uber. 

The pros of a tutoring app:

  • More optimized data gathering for market targeting
  • Enhanced customer experience (on-demand tutor in one click)
  • Simplified service delivery (no calls, the software is a mediator between a tutor and a client)
  • Quicker customer journey and instant payment (to increase sales)  

Your tutoring platform has a web page, right? Well, imagine it didn’t, what’s then? Same is true if you go on without the app solution nowadays. In the business of services, Uber is the name of the game because it exemplifies how the services are to be delivered. Make the customer journey shorter and more comfortable, allowing them to instantly pick a tutor of their choice, book a lesson, pay, and grade their experience. 

If you can order uber, why don’t you let your clients order a tutor? This is much more convenient than browsing through job postings in order to find the right one. All you need is to invest in making software and promote it via your advertising channels. Simple and easy!    


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