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White Label App Development 101

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We will explore how you can optimise your digital solutions and software development needs.


Are you an agency looking for an affordable way to offer mobile apps to your clients? Do you have a scaling startup and are looking for mobile app development? Or you already have built an app and need a better way to manage it. Or maybe you need a creative turnkey project for your next ad campaign?

Either way, you need to look for a white label app development team that would cover all your software needs. And there are a bunch of reasons for choosing such strategy:

  1. It is cheaper to outsource development part than hiring your own software team. At least 20% cheaper.
  2. Subcontracting programming is less risky than maintaining your own team. It is hard for creative agencies to secure the steady supply of projects that involve app development. Your development team can be idle for a long time.
  3. Outsourcing teams usually have well-established business processes, honed for years. Thus it’s hard to compete with them in terms of quality and adherence to deadlines.

Of course, you can find an average app builder which provides most of the common features and pre-build functionality. But what sets white label developers apart from template solutions is the ability to develop custom functionality. And custom and creative projects is what you are paid for.

White label app development definition is a general term for the development of unbranded apps that can be then repurposed, customized, rebranded and resold by the original client. Usually, white-labeled app development is performed by outsourcing team as a subcontract from a creative agency which then provides the app to the original customer.

White Label App Development Services

Despite the attractiveness and profitability of such practice, be sure to make the most of the white label development service. White label app development is not just about getting a product for a better price, but also a service that makes mobile app development easy, customizable and scalable.

That’s why, if you want to meet deadlines, stay within your budget and make your clients happy, you should look for a company that provides more than just plain coding for a coin. The services listed below are those indicators and controls, which would ensure your project will be made in time and comply with the requirements.

Services white label app development company should provide:

  • Development of 100% original and custom application according to specifications you provide. No re-sell projects obviously.
  • Project Manager from who’s put in the direct contact with you. You should be connected to a single representative who is responsible for all the works on the project.
  • Scheduled progress reports according to the established development plan and specification.
  • Preliminary releases, milestones, and deadlines for delivery of set scope of functionally.
  • Thorough QA and possibility of Client Acceptance Testing after each milestone.
  • Delivery and help with app publishing to the Apple and Google Play stores.
  • A curated transition period of the app to the internal support team, in case you have a corporate.
  • Detailed app documentation.

What’s to bring to the table:

  • Clear understanding of deadline. This is very important to have a realistic deadline, unless you want a cost increase or lack of quality.
  • Scope of work. set and approved by the client. Any changes in the middle of development may result in budget increase, which may affect your margins.
  • Wireframes and designs. If you’re representing a creative agency it would be much easier for you to prepare some artworks, wireframes, or at least references. This may shave the team up to 20% of time for research and negotiations. Don’t worry, the outsourcing team usually have a designer and may make some edits if those would be necessary because of technical reasons.

As you may guess, we too provide white label services and subcontracting to our partners. As a matter of fact, we are successfully partnering with two creative studios for 4 years. You can find more in terms of partnership here.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re developing apps for b2c, internal apps, enterprise or IOT solutions, you can always count on the dedicated white label outsource team to cover the software part of your contract.

We’d love to hop on a short 15-minutes call to learn more about your business and explore how we can benefit you.


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