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Wanted: Account Director

Full time / Part time / Self-employment

Job description

The position of Account Director is one of the central positions in the company, as its main goal is to have satisfied long-term clients, but also project managers and programmers who have assigned projects that move them forward.

We are looking for a person who has relevant experience in the IT industry, especially with the development of short-term, long-term, Slovak and foreign projects for all types of clients in various verticals. This means enterprise clients who are thoroughly prepared with the written specification in hand, as well as SME or Startup clients who have only a vague idea of what they want to achieve.


  • Coach, motivate, educate, build and develop (hiring & firing) a team of project managers
  • Supervise the progress of projects and the satisfaction of our clients
  • Manage a team of project managers and oversee human resource allocation and planning
  • Supervise P&L, project budgets and regular invoicing based on SLAs
  • Provide knowledge base development (SOP, documentation) and overview
  • Ensure the development of internal tools (applications) for making regular tasks and processes more effective
  • Provide support in the acquisition of new projects
  • Serve as the 1st escalation authority for clients (1st Account Director -> 2nd COO -> 3rd CEO)
  • Increase the efficiency of project management in order to maximize project revenue, supervise compliance with the set project margin
  • Supervise the creation of budgets

We are evolving along with technologies.
You don't forget old knowledge, you benefit from it.

What do we require?

  • English language B2
  • At least 5 years of experience as a Project Manager (or higher)

Who is the position suitable for?

  • For someone with at least 5 years of experience as an IT project manager (or higher) with a focus on software or web solutions or mobile applications
  • For someone who has experience in managing people
  • For someone who knows the cycle of an IT project and who can oversee the smooth running of the project and client satisfaction
  • For someone who can comment on contracts, knows software development, knows concepts like T&M or FP, and thinks a little out-of-the-box
  • For an independent person with excellent organizational skills
  • For someone who can take responsibility for his work, he is proactive and really invested in the running of projects and the whole company
  • For someone who is an independent detailist, sees the big picture, there is no need to lead him by the hand, and explain everything in detail


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What do we offer?

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Tech Stack

For Frontend we use JS frameworks such as Angular, React or Vue.JS. We also develop mobile applications either in React Native or directly in Swift or Java. We do backend development mainly in PHP (CakePHP and Laravel), but we won't get lost in Python either.


Teal Management

We work in micro-teams of 2-4 people, we use gitflow, many principles of Scrum's methodology, but we do not try to submit everything to the plan, but rather we adapt to the real situation. We have 3x weekly 15-minute company-wide stands.


On or offsite?

Covid caught us ready, as we were able to work remotely long before the pandemic. This is no problem for us, but if possible, we like to see ourselves in person in our family house with a garden in Bratislava, near the main station.

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