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Wanted: Data Analyst

Full time / Part time / Self-employment

Job description

We are looking for someone who understands numbers, can read them, understand them, find connections and develop a quality and eye-catching output, and last but not least, he is interested in helping us with projects primarily in the pharmaceutical area (or even outside it).

Data analyst is a person who can spend a sufficient amount of time on numbers and analyzes, can come up with both expected (entered) and unexpected outputs as a result of thorough examination of data. The position of Analyst requires a person with at least advanced technical knowledge, so that he can work with a large amount of data in Excel, or directly in databases and prepare a professional report. He will be integrated into our pharma team and work mainly with medical data and information from this industry.


  • Do exploratory analyzes and visualizations of collected data using existing tools (or tools according to preference)
  • Look for patterns and dependencies in the data
  • Design and define custom analyzes according to the client's requirements
  • Interpret analysis results
  • Prepare presentations for clients
  • Communicate with clients to further gather information for analysis

We are evolving along with technologies.
You don't forget old knowledge, you benefit from it.

What do we require?

  • English language B2
  • Microsoft Excel (advanced) + macros
  • Experience working with databases, SQL, etc.
  • Experience with a data visualization tool, e.g. Microsoft Power Bi

Who is the position suitable for?

  • For someone who has strong analytical and logical thinking
  • For someone with experience in creating analyzes and professional outputs (not in Excel)
  • For someone with the ability to perceive connections
  • For someone with an eye for detail
  • For someone who is responsible and precise
  • For someone who is independent and comes up with new ideas
  • who is able to work in a small team, where he is the only one in this position
  • For someone responsible for the work entrusted to him, who is proactive and really involved in the running of projects and the entire company.
  • For someone who sees a "big picture", it is not necessary to lead him by the hand and explain everything in detail.


from 1500

What do we offer?

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Tech Stack

For Frontend we use JS frameworks such as Angular, React or Vue.JS. We also develop mobile applications either in React Native or directly in Swift or Java. We do backend development mainly in PHP (CakePHP and Laravel), but we won't get lost in Python either.


Teal Management

We work in micro-teams of 2-4 people, we use gitflow, many principles of Scrum's methodology, but we do not try to submit everything to the plan, but rather we adapt to the real situation. We have 3x weekly 15-minute company-wide stands.


On or offsite?

Covid caught us ready, as we were able to work remotely long before the pandemic. This is no problem for us, but if possible, we like to see ourselves in person in our family house with a garden in Bratislava, near the main station.

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