Mazaaks - social network
for fun video creators


Meet Mazaaks - brand new social media platform that lets you express your talents to the fullest. With this app you can make creative videos, share them, find your soulmates and get inspired.

This is a perfect platform for fun content creators and growing businesses. While the first can find their audience and become popular in no time, the latter can benefit from making their brand recognized and expanding their potential customer base.

Mazaaks is a very fun, entertaining and attention grabbing solution and it’s already winning the market!

Story Behind

There are so many content sharing apps on the market, but they all are popular in the US or Europe. So if you look for a local social network, you will find not so many of them (or none at all).

Together with our client we shaped his app idea and identified the target audience, unique feature set and business opportunities that Mazaaks will offer. The main goal of our team was to:

  • - build an iOS and Android solution for young and fun audience;
  • - make that solution a high - class one full of handy options to express creativity;
  • - add unique filters and masks that can be applied to videos;
  • - spice everything up with the bright and unique design.

The client wanted to build a feature-rich app to stand out from the multitude of other social networking solutions. However, his budget was quite limited. The expectations were high, and our team needed to select an optimal feature set.

We paid special attention to the specifications. Once they were done, we began the development journey and in the end the app exceeded all client’s expectations.


Use Cases

Since Mazaaks is a social network focused on sharing one specific type of content - videos, we needed to make their editing and posting intuitive. The creative process requires full absence of any technical difficulties. So we put all our effort into making Mazaaks very user-friendly and original.



Since the target audience of Mazaaks is young comedians and stand-uppers, we needed to create an eye-catching and yet very intuitive design.


Everything began with the logo which turned out original and memorable. The word “mazaaks” means smile, so our designers offered several variants of the logo with the smile on them. The main emotion we wanted to convey is positivity. So we played with fonts, composition and the smile itself. The end result was very satisfying.


As to the color scheme, we decided to choose very bright colors (pink, purple, orange) and combine them with more neutral gray and black ones. Our designers used interesting gradients and catchy abstractions.


All elements of design complement each other and have the same recognizable styling. Every little detail is well thought-out, so even for the default screens our designers created funny illustrations. Or let’s take users' profiles - if a Mazaaks user hasn’t uploaded his picture, the logo with a smile will be shown in a placeholder.



Operating Systems:
iOS and Android

Mazaaks was built for two operating systems - iOS and Android, and we used a lot of technologies to make it work seamlessly. For example, we used FFmpeg on Android platform to resize and trim user videos to standardize them according to the platform needs. Also this library can convert video files to mpeg-4 format.

To implement numerous video filters and effects focused on face modification, our developers used DeepAR studio. This library is perfect for solutions like Mazaaks since it also lets you create your own effects and 3D models.



and Filters
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