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Highly functional construction management system
Leo Management System

Story Behind

The client came to us with a website and numerous productivity challenges that required a reliable custom business management tool.

For more than 10 years Nelson Precast has been trying different ready-made solutions and even initiating custom software development. But unfortunately, all their attempts to build software have failed.

So when the client contacted us, he had a software in mind, but his idea still needed to be shaped. He provided us with lots of documents describing in detail his business processes and workflow, and our cooperation began. We needed to analyse all that information and on its basis formulate all requirements.

The main tasks the client
put on the future software were

To reduce the workload on employees.
To automate the estimation process.
To measure actual labor and materials.
To make scheduling and quality assurance easier.
Our Story

Considering all these tasks and the client’s business needs, we have written detailed specifications and began developing a construction management system called LEO

Use Cases

User Profiles

Nelson Precast produces custom specialty precast, installations, and pieces for repairing damaged originals. So there are many people involved in the process, and they should have access to the LEO system on different levels. New users who create profiles need to be activated to use certain system features. And there is also an option allowing to see users in the list, sort them out, edit their profiles, or delete them. Decorative Mold
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Job Management

Users of the LEO system (depending on their roles) should create, assign, and manage various Job Projects. We wanted to make job management clear and organized. Therefore we added job lists where users can check job name, status, mark, a person who manages it, and its total value. All jobs can be easily filtered, edited, or even deleted if needed. Decorative Mold
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Add a Section

Since many constructions and pieces produced by Nelson Precast are custom, there was a need for an option to add a description of specific sections to Job Projects. A user can choose the section of necessary shape from the list, specify its type, heights and depth, color and even an area where that section will belong. Decorative Mold
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Setting Plan

LEO users can create a set plan and upload drawings easily thanks to the PDF editor that we implemented. It is also possible to make changes to the uploaded drawing set and create desired pieces by inserting necessary parameters (such as section, length, shape, etc.) before setting a plan. All pieces are organized in list by their key parameters and can be easily found by LEO users. Decorative Mold
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Mold Lists

Mold list is created for each job in the LEO system. The mold can be selected either from a database or added as a new one. Each mold is defined by the type of piece that can be produced, and in the mold list a user can see information about sections, number of pieces, what molds were assigned, what is their shape and length. This section of the LEO helps to manage molds assignment, and also review previous molds and reuse them for new jobs. Decorative Mold
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Zones Management

LEO system has a feature that lets users create lists of zones where they can specify zones description, color, shipment details, number of pieces, their weight, and required date. This lets the team prioritize and manage zones, and also track the production progress. Decorative Mold
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Barcodes Scanning

The LEO system users needed to be able to generate and print special barcodes for further scanning, logging their work time in the system and tracking it. This feature also lets users scan barcodes on the label of the piece, log them as completed and automatically update the date and time, and zone progress in the system. The barcodes for pieces and users are generated separately, and this lets employees perform tracking of stone production easily. Decorative Mold
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When it comes to business management systems like LEO, it is essential to wrap a high-quality code in a great design.

Every window, section, and the button should be well thought out. Our main task was to find the right color scheme and make all crucial parts of the LEO visible and readable.

We selected a dark grey color as the main one. It was not too dark, so all information located within the system is easy to read. We also picked blue as a complementary color, so LEO’s logo and all main buttons are of blue shade. It is associated with construction materials like steel or stones.

As to the secondary colors - they are pretty standard and universal. We used green, orange and red for internal notifications and statuses that require user’s attention and certain actions. Green color to identify completed operations, orange and red to attract users’ attention to a certain item or operation.




  1. PDF editor
  2. Advanced search
  3. Project planning
  1. Production overview
  2. Job management
  3. Quality assurance checklists
  4. Delivery tracking


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