We deliver high-tech healthcare software solutions

Altamira builds custom software for healthcare organizations, healthcare providers, medical ISVs, and medical device manufacturers. We provide high-quality custom development services in response to the evolving healthcare industry. The list of medical solutions we develop includes but not limited to:

  • HL7 interface
  • LIMS software
  • Pharmacy management software
  • Software for remote consultations
  • RCM and Medical billing
  • Telehealth\Telemedicine
  • Vaccine tracking systems
  • Allscripts integration
  • Assistive technology solutions
  • EHR\EMR Software
  • E-prescribing
  • Health information exchange
  • Healthcare APIs integration
  • HIS and Practice management software

Why develop healthcare software with Altamira

our healthcare development

Our software development company guarantees you:

How do we differ?

  • We have deep domain knowledge and tech expertise, follow regulatory compliance and guarantee deep involvement.
  • We not only develop highly functional medical software, but also help you and your employees master it and incorporate it into your working environment.
  • We are a reliable and responsible partner that delivers custom medical solutions on time and within your budget.
  • We manage all processes and do not ask for your constant involvement. So you do your business while we develop a custom software for you.

We build custom healthcare software for every need

Software security, healthcare data interoperability, compliance with mandatory standards and best UI/UX practices – they all are our major priority. So you can be sure that your custom medical solution will be built using only the latest technologies and top practices. Altamira provides end-to-end medical software development services to:

We are aware of regulatory compliance

Required regulations

We align with all applicable regulations, including federal, regional, or even international ones. This helps us to avoid the risk of project’s failure and allows us to safely incorporate the software in your healthcare organization. 

HIPAA compliance

We deliver HIPAA compliant solutions, as we are experienced in transmitting and housing ePHI. They adhere to all applicable laws and regulations and develop modules and solutions as required by the HIPAA Technical regulations.

Security APIs

Altamira software engineers have mastered working with AWS provisions, integrating security APIs and necessary administrative controls, while making sure that the safety and privacy of e-PHI is totally protected.

Domain expertise

Our expertise in building secure cloud-based healthcare software solutions helps us to deliver high quality, totally secure, and regulations compliant software to numerous healthcare organizations and medical institutions.