Industries, which we are good at

We create digital solutions for all businesses and industries. Get to know the areas, where we feel the strongest.

vývoj software
Fintech / Finance

Digital onboarding of clients, mobile payment solutions, solutions for securities traders, asset management, trading applications and much more.
Transport & Logistics

GPS tracking applications for tracking the movement of goods, warehousing and ERP systems for logistics and dropshipping of companies, data migration and software integration.

vývoj mobilných aplikácií
Healthcare & Pharma

Tools used in the field of regulatory affairs, patient mobile applications and web projects, outpatient and hospital software, and solutions for insurance companies.

Solutions in the field of tourism, integration of online booking systems for tour operators, development of e-commerce solutions for travel agencies.

tvorba web stránok
Media & Culture

Solutions for cultural institutions, data warehouse systems for publishers, digital asset management tools or e-commerce solutions.
(Team outsourcing / B2B)

Flexible provision of our internal or external capacities to expand our clients’ IT teams in case of increased demand or workload.

  • Digital onboarding
  • Mobile payment solutions
  • Omni-channel customer experience
  • Digital wallets
  • Innovative fintech solutions
  • Trading & Asset Management
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Market research
  • Patient and clinical studies
  • Hospital information systems
  • Document management
  • Digitization of processes
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Data migration
  • Business analysis
  • Design of information architecture
  • Design thinking
  • Warehouse and logistics solutions
  • Integration of ERP systems
  • GPS tracking solutions

We create digital solutions for all businesses and industries.