IoT Applications Development

Create an increasing revenue stream by developing a smart IoT solution that will take connectivity to the new level

Types of IoT solutions we build

IoT technology bridges the distance between devices, products, vehicles, and people. It gradually covers more and more aspects of our life – from automation of our homes to business process optimization. 


Apps for Apple Watch, Wear OS smartwatch, and other wearable devices.

Smart home apps

IoT solutions for the remote control of home appliances, lighting, heating, etc.

Smart city apps

IoT apps for traffic management, urban security, and city infrastructure.


Intelligent apps for business integration systems, and asset management.

Healthcare apps

IoT applications for smart medical devices and the pharmaceutical industry.

Smart retail apps

Solutions for the connected stores such as automated supermarkets and others.

Web design

We help our clients to stand out from competitors and reach their business goals with functional, yet beautiful designs.

Therefore we create

  • App gets designed and built in accordance with guidelines
  • The mobile app UI stays sharp on every display
  • Feels native on both Android and iOS platforms

We guarantee that your project will be lean and fast loading and have strong business identity.

Works we are proud of

flag On-demand services Mobile

Aquiline Drones - Uber for Drones

Android and iOS native application that allows the use of drones for entertainment purposes and offers a bunch of options such as drone booking, location tracking, convenient payment system, chats, and profiles for two user roles.

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flag Real estate Web

Highrise - Platform for Building Management

An advanced web platform that helps with management of property and building violations. Highrise parses the data from the public boards of building violations and informs building owners and tenants.

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flag Retail Mobile

Zemp - PoS SaaS solution

Zemp is a multifunctional Point of Sales mobile app that helps retail companies to manage orders, check inventory and stock count, generate employee reports, perform convenient transactions, and see sales reports.

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flag Social network Mobile


A native iOS and Android app that connects neighbors and helps local businesses to grow within local communities. Bestyn includes posts sharing, private chats, stories and built-in editor for their creation, tools for promoting local businesses.

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How we build IoT apps

Establishing a smart environment is a complex process. Not only does it contain the coding part, but it also covers the configuration of connections between gateways and IoT platforms. That’s why building the Internet of Things solutions requires taking a brand new approach to app development.

UI for multiple devices
High-perform platform
Motion/Voice recognition
Advanced security
Incorporation of ML

The screens of smart devices are not similar to the screens that computers and smartphones have. Users also interact with them differently. A UI design of an innovative IoT-based product should consider these

Every smart solution needs a platform to connect different devices and operating systems. Hence, picking a secure and reliable digital platform should be the first step of any IoT app development process.

IoT devices are often controlled by voice, head, arm, or other human body movements. So IoT applications need to include functionality that can recognize such users’ commands.

A security vulnerability is one of the main concerns users of IoT solutions have. For this reason, ensuring that the data is encrypted correctly is extremely important when developing an application for the Internet of Things.

The most crucial benefit of IoT devices is that they save us time by adjusting to our habits and behavior. That’s why incorporating machine learning technology is no longer optional; it’s a must-have for any IoT-based app.

The Internet of Things is a smart technology that evolves and conquers the world tremendously fast. To remain in the spotlight and stay ahead of the competition, it’s essential to make your IoT app scalable. Extremely important.

Clients say about us

"The Altamira team did an amazing job! And I was pleasantly surprised by how well-established processes they have."

Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan Kopnic

flag Fintech Education

Web, iOS, and Android trading platform that offers advanced capabilities in earning by trading, selling products via the integrated marketplace, and conducting trading live-streaming.

Services we provided

  • Web and mobile application development
"I am absolutely satisfied with how my app looks and functions. It is exactly what I wanted to get when I decided to go with this team."

CEO & Co-founder

Barry Alexander

flag Delivery

Android and iOS native applications that provide on-demand drone services, where users can connect with couriers and track the status of their drone order delivery.

Services we provided

  • Mobile application development,
  • UX/UI Design
"Altamira (formerly GBKSOFT) produced superlative deliverables that provide valuable information to guide internal operations and support sales processes. The team was receptive to feedback, adapting resources to ensure effective collaboration."


Ryan Crawford

flag Real Estate

Custom-made ERP solution that provides jet brokerage services to boost jet sales and service quality.

Services we provided

  • Web application development
  • UI/UX design
"Unique mobile application that aims to teach users to play golf according to individual playing styles and recommendations provided by specifically developed algorithms."


Ian Cash

flag Retail

Unique mobile application that aims to teach users to play golf according to individual playing styles and recommendations provided by specifically developed algorithms.

Services we provided

  • Mobile application development
  • UX/UI Design
"The website that Altamira (formerly GBKSOFT) has generated now allows the company to save time and manpower as it performs a lot of tasks that other employees are used to doing. The team members' seamless approach to project management and their communication skills continue to make this collaboration productive."

Project manager

Sholom Erlanger

flag Social network Utility

Resigned web solution for a large-scale printing company that provides a modern order management system and enables customer experience.

Services we provided

  • Web application development
  • UX/UI Design

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