Real Estate Software Development

Make property management smarter and easier! Altamira team builds world-class real estate solutions powered by AI and IoT for brokers and owners of commercial, industrial and residential property.

Custom poptech solutions we build

Together with Altamira you can create a truly custom real estate solution tailored to meet your particular business needs and streamline all crucial operations. We can empower your business with the digital tools for:

Selling and renting property

To close your deals faster, expand client base, and improve your employees performance, use the power of these solutions:

Great property management

Benefit from processes automation and data analytics, manage all your properties easier, and control building conditions thanks to:

Accounting automation

You don’t need to worry about lease renewals, rent payments, and invoicing anymore, as this software can handle all finance related job:

  • CRM and ERP for brokers
  • Property marketplaces
  • Web portals
  • Apps for landlords & tenants
  • IoT apps for preventive maintenance
  • Property management systems
  • Ticketing software
  • Multifunctional accounting software
  • MLS platforms
  • RETS solutions

Transform and bost your real estate business with us!

Our real estate expertise

We leverage the power of the advanced technologies to deliver solutions that last real estate companies for years. Among the most popular solutions we’ve recently built for different real estate companies there are:

Smart home applications

Modern tenants are demanding, and they choose a secure house or apartment with a smart system that lets them control lightning, heating, power consumption, smart locks, surveillance cameras, and many more other things with the help of an app.

Predictive maintenance & IoT

IoT apps connected to sensors reduce maintenance costs. Monitor building conditions, improve security, control energy consumption, collect real-time monitoring data and fix minor issues before they turn into drastic problems.

Integration of AI and machine learning

The integration of AI and ML into ERP and CRM systems transforms and boosts real estate business. Thanks to these technologies you can analyze your clients’ portraits, sales insights and predict real estate trends to improve your marketing approach.

Advanced data analytics

We set up data analytics for your real estate solution so that you can collect all necessary market and property information, perform automated reporting, complete market and investment analysis, use data visualization and get real-time insights.

Who can benefit from our development services

  • Real estate agencies and brokers
  • Building owners
  • Landlords and tenants
  • can use custom tools to increase their sales and perform effective data management.
  • can make their property more energy efficient and save costs thanks to predictive maintenance.
  • can handle all rental matters, claims and violations using one simple but multifunctional app.

Our success stories

Highrise is an advanced web platform that parses the data from the public boards of building violations, detects newly registered complaints and violations, and informs property owners about them. By developing this solution our team helped the client to automate the property management process, increase conversion of the business website, and identify new issues way faster. 

This is an app for iOS and Android devices that serves as the smart video doorbell and requires no costly hardware, WiFi connection, difficult installation, or on-going costs associated with these devices. A perfect solution for building owners and their tenants who value security. Kontaq is QR code-based application so all its users can benefit from tagging options. 


Environmental Services Company

"They give feedback on what we’ve specified, which is much more than having someone that just executes. They’re trying to implement something that makes sense."
"This was a tricky project with complicated requirements. Also, the timeline couldn’t be moved because of state law. Altamira Softworks was up to the challenge of taking on a big project and meeting customer demands."

Design company

"They found a way to work through every complex animation and motion assignment we threw their way. Their team truly thinks critically about their work, rather than just following requirements."

Choose Altamira because we can help you:

Build custom solutions for your real estate business