9 Best Open-Source Alternatives to GPT-3 You Should Try

Though GPT-3 as a technology is a couple of years old, it raised another round of attention in November. Right after OpenAI, GPT-3 developers, announced a breakthrough ChatGPT. If you’ve missed all the fuss for any reason, we’ll shortly describe what it is and why everyone talks about it. Yet, our primary focus today will […]

Clutch Awards 2022: Altamira.ai is one of the Global Top 1000 Tech Leaders

Since 2022 is ending, it is time to summarize our achievements. The year was rather complicated, with its challenges and successful moments as well. We are happy to share that Clutch has recognized Altamira as one of the Top 1000 Companies in Clutch. For more than 10 years Altamira offers qualified experience and expertise in […]