The Secrets to Effective IT Procurement

These days, many organizations rely on their business operating on technologies. They make attempts to possess innovations to streamline and simplify their daily processes. The process of introducing technologies into the business environment is called information technology (IT) procurement. The success and effectiveness of this process depend on the IT procurement strategy and the solutions […]

How to Scale Tech Teams: A Short Guide for CTOs

The software development process is never-ending, as software products need regular revision and improvement to benefit your business and boost company scales. Software product scaling is inevitable to boost the growth and development of your business. However, it is critical to pick the right time to start scaling your product and technical team, so as […]

How to Launch a Project in 100-days: MVP Delivery Guide 

Time to market is a critical factor for any company aiming to launch a new digital product or upgrade the existing one. In many cases companies do not have expertise and proven methodologies to target aggressive product delivery timeboxes. So they search for vendors with such expertise.  Based on our experience working with 100 plus […]

How to Build Teams in an Ever-changing Reality

How to build teams in an ever-changing reality    The last few years have shown everyone that you should not count on stability and constancy. The pandemic, war, and other crises of recent years bring us back to a time when we had to survive, we had to be adaptive and flexible, think about strategy […]

9 Profitable Business Niches to Invest During the Crisis

Have you thought that there would be a time when the coronavirus is in the rearview mirror? For some people, life will never be the same. For most people, there will some small changes in their lives. Whether it is a job loss, concern about the cleanness of public places, or how to be ready […]

7 Tips on Software Development Vendors Management

A lot of companies make a decision to delegate their IT-related tasks to “outsourced partners” for the latter to do the work and meet the desired objectives. Software development accounts are responsible for the biggest share of this market, as the size of the application development segment is projected to reach a whopping nearly $109 […]